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    What was the name of your most 'important' character-creation?

    Hello out there. I'm currently looking for good ideas and have my hands full with papers and notes for different stories, characters and consepts. I will keep my question to you simple for this thread.

    [If you ever have written a text or have created a story in your head where you managed to feel a very strong connection to one character - what did you name that character and why did you choose that name?]

    It would be nice to hear from you. Feel free to tell about the unspeakable thoughts you have worked up.(^-^)
    - DryLake.

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    Uhmm... ok, let's see. Favourite characters we've written, you mean? I'm writing a book at the moment and - at this point - I'm very invested in all of them but I'll pick three to talk about.

    Ayella: Ayella is my main character and her name is made up! In the fantasy world I created I used names that were similar to real ones but warped slightly. Ayella was born as a spin of Danielle (the name of the Cinderella character in 'Ever After' ), though I suppose it carries a similar sound to Isla too. I do have a fondness for 'elle' based names, so perhaps the choice was a little vain in that respect as well. As a rule, I don't normally choose names I like, the characters tend to give me their names without too much thought, whether I like them or not. Ayella was hard to name at first and it took me a long time to come up with her name.

    Twist: Twist is my demi-villain. I never specify exactly what his full name is in the novel but Twist is the only name he uses. It came about when I first started thinking about the book years ago and it was still a comic-fantasy based on a cross between Oedipus, Robin Hood and Oliver Twist. Originally Twist was going to have an 'O' based first name to mimic Oliver and he was going to be the Fagan character of the piece. The story has since changed dramatically but Twist's name remained throughout. I can't imagine him being called anything else.

    Cashel: Poor Cash is my tortured hero. When I first dreamed him up he was called Will but when I realised I'd already named his sister Grace I knew that had to be scrapped. To find his replacement I scrolled through lists and lists of names on Behind the Name and eventually came across Casimir which I loved the sound of. It wasn't quite right though and my head kept changing it to Cashmere which then got shorted to Cash and eventually extended to Cashel when that wasn't long enough. Suffice to say, I can't picture him as a Will now.
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    I've been working on this one story for three years....
    I am so emotionally invested in this story and my main character, though his name has changed at least six times.... I think I'm in love with him.
    (Even though I know how broken his past is. Even though I made it that way.)
    He's just been with me through school and everything and I've formed him and reformed him to crooked perfection.
    I used to be a reader, then I discovered writing.

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    One of my main characters is Adrian and he kind of just wandered into my head 3 years ago and the name Adrian just felt right. It means 'dark one from the sea' and I think this suits him well.

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    In the real world novel I'm currently writing, my main character is a 72-year-old actor named Hugh (and called Hughie by ex-wife number one) who has recently lost his much younger spouse, Jonathan, to heart failure (Jonathan, who was also an actor, was 58). Hugh is from Scotland and his name and personality came unbidden to me as Athena from Zeus. Jonathan's name was chosen for his heritage (he's Jewish) and because of the nn Jonno, which belonged to someone I knew when I was a kid. You can find all of their names under my stuff.

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