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    Middle name for Megan

    Hi, the only name dh and I can agree on for a girl is Megan but I'm worried it's too common as I like more unusual names. I'm trying to think of a unique middle name to go with it to see if this will change my mind. Any ideas?

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    I grew up knowing three Megans, abd I still know a bunch - I think it would be what you call a mom name, since eeveryone with that name would be a mom! Could you put Megan in the middle spot? My name is Carol and I hated that all the other Carols were 30 years older than me and no other kids were ever ever ever Carol!

    What is it about Megan you both like? What about Margo? Or Teagan? Or Reagan? Or Maude? Or Maeve?

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    Megan is not a mom name. I have a young niece named Megan. It is a bit popular, but it is such a gorgeous name. The meaning is pearl. All the Zoe's, and Sophia's I know are in the mid twenties or older. Does that make them a mom name? I like the nicknames Meg and Meggie, and if they don't appeal to you I think it'd be easier to have just go by Megan.

    Here are some suggestions to go with the beautiful Megan:

    Megan Grace
    Megan Alesandra
    Megan Clarion
    Megan Jolene
    Megan Jade
    Megan kaylene
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    Some suggestions off the top of my head to go with Megan:

    Megan Adair
    Megan Elise
    Megan Rochelle
    Megan Celeste
    Megan Justine
    Megan Annamarie
    Megan Gwendolen

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