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    Megan Genevieve
    Megan Eloise
    Megan Cordelia

    I would also encourage you to keep looking. You don't sound in love.

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    I think Megan has personality! It's sweet with a strong ending.

    What about..

    Megan Alis
    Megan Carys
    Megan Cassia
    Megan Clemence
    Megan Gracia
    Megan Gray
    Megan Kaia
    Megan Lilith
    Megan Lily
    Megan Posy
    Megan Tilly

    Good luck!

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    Megan is a cute, versatile name that would suit any sort of girl. It feels like a modern classic to me.

    However, if you're not totally sold on Megan, what about...Madeline, Meredith, Maisie, Maggie, Molly, Milly, or Maren?

    Some Megan combinations:

    Megan Adele
    Megan Violet
    Megan Annabel
    Megan Summer
    Megan Eliza
    Megan Camille
    Megan Cassandra
    Megan Alana
    Megan Arianna
    Megan Celeste
    Megan Blair

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I love Megan Florence I tend to like names with -an/-en at the end - my favourite is Eden but husband hates it!

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