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Thread: For Luna. . .

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    For Luna. . .

    starting to feel that my husband and i will never be able to settle on a name. we waver constantly, and only add to the list, but we're trying . . .
    these are our two favorites, but we are also looking for suggestions. we would like to incorporate luna as a first or middle. and as we are latin, we are looking for something easily pronounceable (and pretty!) in both spanish and english. we would like for the name to be unexpected, feminine and strong.
    as much as we love luna, are we expecting too much of it? we are looking for a name that will strengthen it up a bit and having trouble falling in love. should we (sadly) move on?
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    Luna is really nice and I think you can find a good combination so I'd stick with it since you love it! Since it ends in an -A, I'd try to look for fns that don't have the same ending or mns that don't start with A.

    Some possibilities:

    Luna Beatriz
    Luna Celeste
    Luna Corazon
    Luna Delcine
    Luna Esme
    Luna Felice
    Luna Flor
    Luna Gertrudes
    Luna Irene
    Luna Lenore
    Luna Magdalen
    Luna Marisol
    Luna Mirabel
    Luna Nieve
    Luna Raquel
    Luna Rosalind
    Luna Tanis
    Luna Zurine

    Alise Luna
    Beatriz Luna
    Dionis Luna
    Esme Luna
    Isidora Luna (okay, I'm breaking my own rule here for some of these)
    Julieta Luna
    Mirari Luna
    Noemi Luna
    Rosalind Luna
    Rosemarie Luna
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    I really love Ariana Luna, actually! I think Ari Lou would be an adorable nickname, and I just really love the two names together. It's really easily pronounced in both English and Spanish, and they both have beautiful meanings. I feel like both names are equally strong and sweet; I wouldn't worry too much about needing something to "strengthen" Luna--it's so strong already! I love it.

    Good luck!
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    Ariana Luna is gorgeous.

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    I voted for Luna Arabelle, as I'm not a fan of repeated endings with names.
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