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    Your Superhero Family!

    This was kind of inspired by this game: I hope no one has done a game like this before!

    You were born with superpowers and spent your childhood trying to control them. In your late teens, you began using your powers for good and became a well known and respected superhero.

    Part 1: You
    -Your name is your choice

    -What is your hair color? Eye color?

    -Role a die to determine your superpower [Pick one for the number you roll] (If you roll two ones, you may pick between options 1 and 2)
    1. Super Strength OR Power Negation (Ability to cancel other's powers)
    2. Super Speed OR X-Ray Vision
    3. Stretching Abilities OR Poison Generation
    4. Mind Reading OR Ability to Control Animals
    5. Elemental Control (choose fire, air, earth or water) OR Bone Manipulation
    6. Sonic Scream OR Teleportation
    7. Healing (Both self-healing and healing others) OR Ability to Cause Pain
    8. Heat Vision OR Ice Powers
    9. Shadow Manipulation OR Light Manipulation
    10. Flight OR Invisibility
    11. Shapeshifting OR Power Absorption (Ability to take on the power of anyone near you)
    12. Telekinesis OR Ability to Sense Emotions

    -What is your superhero alias?

    Part 2: Your Spouse
    -After years of putting yourself second, you decide to start dating again. You go through a couple of failed relationships before you meet and eventually marry the love of your life. Who is it?

    -Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark (Iron Man)- Blue eyes, Black hair, powers derived from a super suit.
    -Steven Grant "Steve" Rogers (Captain America)- Blue eyes, Blond hair, Super-Soldier
    -Robert Bruce Banner (The Hulk)- Brown eyes, Brown hair, exposure to gamma radiation allowed him to turn into a strong, invincible alternate self.
    -Thor Odinson (Thor)- Blue eyes, Blond hair, Demigod and wielder of Mjolnir
    -Clinton Francis "Clint" Barton (Hawkeye)- Blue eyes, Blond Hair, Master Archer
    -Pietro Django Maximoff (Quicksilver)- Blue eyes, Silver hair, Super Speed
    -Samuel Thomas Wilson (Falcon)- Brown eyes, Black hair, Flight via winged harness, limited control over birds
    -James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes (The Winter Soldier)- Brown eyes, Brown hair, Expert assassin with superhuman strength
    -James Rupert Rhodes (War Machine)- Brown eyes, Black hair, Former soldier, Derives powers from super suit
    -Charles Francis Xavier (Professor X)- Blue eyes, Bald (Formerly blond), Telepathy
    -Erik Magnus Lehnsherr (Magneto)- Grey eyes, Black hair, Magnetism Manipulation
    -James "Logan" Howlett (Wolverine)- Blue eyes, Black hair, Adamantium claws and enhanced healing
    -Henry Philip "Hank" McCoy (The Beast)- Brown hair, Brown eyes, Ape-like feet and enhanced intellect
    -Alexander "Alex" Summers (Havok)- Blue eyes, Blond hair, Emits energy blasts from body
    -Scott Summers (Cyclops)- Brown eyes, Brown hair, Emits energy beams from eyes
    -Sean Cassidy (Banshee)- Green eyes, Red hair, Sonic screams
    -Scott Edward Harris Lang (Ant-Man)- Blue eyes, Strawberry Blond hair, Shrinking abilities derived from suit
    -Peter Parker (Spider-Man)- Brown eyes, Brown hair, "Spider-Sense", ability to cling to most surfaces
    -Bruce Wayne (Batman)- Blue eyes, Black hair, Genius intellect and master martial artist
    -Clark Joseph Kent/Kal-El (Superman)- Blue eyes, Black hair, Superhuman strenth and speed, flight and heat vision

    -Natalia Alianovna "Natasha" Romanoff (Black Widow)- Blue eyes, Red hair, Trained assassin
    -Wanda Marya Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)- Green eyes, Auburn hair, Probability manipulation, Reality warping, Chaos magic
    -Sharon Carter (Agent 13)- Blue eyes, Blonde hair, Trained martial artist and spy
    -Raven Darkholme (Mystique)- Yellow eyes, Red hair, Shapeshifting
    -Jean Grey- Green eyes, Red hair, Telekinesis, Astral Projection, Mind reading/control, Psionic blasts
    -Ororo Munroe (Storm)- Blue eyes, White hair, Weather manipulation
    -Emma Grace Frost (The White Queen)- Blue eyes, Blonde hair, Telepathy, Can turn her body into diamond
    -Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)- Blue eyes, Black hair, Superhuman strength/speed/intelligence, flight

    Part 3: Your Children
    -Roll a six-sided die to determine the number of pregnancies. (

    -Roll again to determine the genders:
    1. B
    2. G
    3. B
    4. G
    5. Singleton (your choice)
    6. Twins (roll again for genders; even=G, odd=B)

    -Roll for first names
    1. Your favorite name
    2. From this list: or
    3. A name that ends in either E, H, L, M, R, S or T
    4. From this blog post:
    5. A color name
    6. A name that starts with A, D, F, L, P, V or W

    -Roll for middle names
    1. Unisex name
    2. Nature name
    3. From this list: or
    4. A name that honors either your name or your spouse name
    5. From this list:
    6. A place name

    -Refer back to part one to roll for each child's power

    -Roll for hair color
    1. Same as your's
    2. Same as your spouse's
    3. A strange color that relates to his/her power
    4. Similar to your's
    5. Similar to your spouse's
    6. Changes color (When? Why?)

    -Roll for eye color
    1. Same as your's
    2. Same as your spouse's
    3. A strange color that relates to his/her power
    4. Similar to your's
    5. Similar to your spouse's
    6. Changes color (When? Why?)

    Post your families, play as many times as you'd like, and I hope you enjoy!
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    Jessa Lou Hanover
    -Brown hair
    -Hazel eyes
    -Power: Elemental Control (Earth)
    -Superhero Alias: Flora

    Pietro Django Maximoff
    -Silver hair
    -Blue eyes
    -Power: Super Speed
    -Superhero Alias: Quicksilver

    Emmeline Blair Maximoff (10)
    -Brown hair
    -Blue eyes
    -Power: Sonic Scream

    Ramona Paige Maximoff (8)
    -Blonde hair
    -Green eyes
    -Power: Ability to Sense Emotions

    Margo Lily Maximoff (5)
    -Brown hair
    -Hazel eyes
    -Power: Shadow Manipulation

    Mavis Fleur Maximoff (5)
    -Brown hair
    -Hazel eyes
    -Power: Healing

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    DW: Lara Holly {Paxton} Stark (Sorceress)
    Long, dark blonde hair
    Deep green eyes
    Healing powers (both self-healing and healing others)

    DH: Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark (Iron Man)
    Black hair
    Blue eyes
    Powers derived from a super suit

    DD: Rose Luna Stark
    Long, almost-black hair
    Light green eyes
    Super speed

    DS: Rufus Edward Stark
    Messy, almost-black hair
    Silver eyes that glow brighter when he's healing himself/someone
    Healing powers (both self-healing and healing others)

    DS: Theo Wolf Stark
    Messy, almost-black hair
    Dark, almost black eyes during the few minutes after he has just become visible again, blue eyes the rest of the time

    DS: Stellan Blake Stark
    Black hair
    Dark red eyes that glow brighter when he's inflicting pain
    Ability to cause pain

    DD: Scarlet Holly Stark
    Long, black hair with red tint
    Forest green eyes

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    ME: Adeline Finley
    - blonde hair
    - green eyes
    - flight
    - alias: Brisa (Spanish for breeze)

    DH: Thor Odinson
    - blonde hair
    - blue eyes
    - demigod and wielded of mjolnir
    - alias: Thor

    DS: Zephyr Nash (10)
    - power absorbtion
    - dirty blonde
    - changes colors depending on what power he's absorbing (red when inflicting pain, blue when flying, yellow with super speed, purple when invisble, etc)

    DD/DD: Poppy Blair (7)
    - super speed
    - blonde
    - blue eyes

    Freya Snow (7)
    - teleportation
    - light blonde
    - blue-green eyes

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    KC => SC
    DW: Cecily Annabelle Piper
    -blonde hair and blue eyes
    --Shape shifting
    ---Alias: Ashnah

    DH: Alexander "Alex" Summers
    -blue eyes, blond hair
    --Emits energy blasts from body
    ---Alias: Havok

    DD: Fable Sofia
    -blonde hair, eyes that changes color when she teleports; naturally blue
    DS: August Lawrence
    -blonde hair, green eyes
    DD: Lilja Cecile
    -blonde hair, green eyes
    --Super speed
    DD: Hermione Maeve
    -brown hair, eyes that change color when she's nervous; naturally blue
    DS: Magnus Aubrey
    -white hair, blue eyes
    --Ice powers
    DD/DD: Iris Arabella and Vivian Bluebell
    -blonde hair, eyes that change color when she's mad; naturally blue
    --Heat vision
    -brown hair, blue eyes
    --Animal control
    DS: Flynn Emory
    -blonde hair, green eyes
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