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    Apr 2009
    DW: Jena Elise
    DH: Heath Robert

    Theme: Middle names must be one syllable (firsts are your choice)

    Number of Pregnancies: 6

    DS: Benjamin Grant
    DS/DS: Aaron Chase and Foster James
    DS/DD/DS: Declan Jude, Emerson Drew and Wesley Beau
    DS: Caleb Scott
    DD: Avery Gwen
    DS/DS: Lucas Knox and Grayson Dean

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    Sep 2013
    DW: Sara Viviene
    DH: Jesse Nicholas

    Theme: First names must all have at least 3 syllables

    Pregnancies: 11

    Birth 1: B/B/B/B Quads
    Gabriel Jensen
    Elijah Matthew
    Nathaniel River
    Zachary Anton

    Birth 2: G/G/G Triplets
    Helena Ruby
    Caroline Daphne
    Lydia Sage

    Birth 3: G/G/B Triplets
    Emmeline Yvaine
    Rosalie Pearl
    Sebastian Henry

    Birth 4: Single B
    Alaric Noah

    Birth 5: G/B Twins
    Katarina Grace
    Dominic Harold

    Birth 6: Single B
    Alexander Archer

    Birth 7: B/G/B Triplets
    Adrian Marcus
    Eliza Fleur
    Oliver Christian

    Birth 8: G/B Twins
    Genevieve Clare
    Gideon Louis

    Birth 9: B/B Twins
    Leonardo Weston
    Frederick Nolan

    Birth 10: G/G/G Triplets
    Adelina Maeve
    Larissa Willow
    Imogen Lucille

    Birth 11: G/B/B Triplets
    Beatrice Margaret
    Cassius Joseph
    Jeremy Harper

    "Sara, Jesse, Gabe, Elijah, Nate, Zach, Lena, Care, Lydie, Emme, Rose, Seb, Alaric, Kitty, Nico, Xander, Adrian, Elle, Ollie, Gen, Gideon, Leon, Freddie, Addy, Larissa, Immy, Bea, Cass & Jem"

    Sara Viviene ~ Teen Name Geek

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    Aug 2012
    DW: Alice Elizabeth Liddell
    DH: Frank Anthony Liddell

    Theme: Names from popular culture (musicians)

    DD/DD: Jenna Lily Liddell "Jen" and Taylor Rose Liddell "Tay"
    DS/DD: Mitchell Oliver Liddell "Mitch" and Amy Elizabeth Liddell
    DS: Gerard Michael Liddell
    DS/DS/DD: James Alexander Liddell "Jimmy", Matthew Oscar Liddell "Matt" and Lindsay Isabel Liddell "Linds"
    DS/DS/DD/DD: Zackary Robert Liddell "Zacky", Austin George Liddell, Hayley Grace Liddell and Ash Maria Liddell
    DS/DS/DD: Travis Elliot Liddell, Thomas Frederick Liddell "Tom" and Elizabeth Faye Liddell "Lizzie"
    DD/DD: Florence Anabel Liddell and Avril Natalia Liddell
    DS: Christian Charles Liddell "CC"

    Jen, Tay, Mitch, Amy, Gerard, Jimmy, Matt, Linds, Zacky, Austin, Hayley, Ash, Travis, Tom, Lizzie, Florence, Avril and CC
    Kaspar, Felix, Dmitri, Rudi and Soren
    Amelie, June, Belle, Luna and Violet
    *Not expecting, just collecting*

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    dannilynnalexis Guest
    Theme: All children have same initials (you choose what they are)

    DH: Damon Drake
    DW: Lindsey Lorraine

    DS: Axel Gage
    DS/DD: Archer Gideon & Astoria Gwynn
    DD: Aria Gracen
    DS: Anchor Graham
    DD/DD: Alivia Giovanna & Avalon Gia

    Damon & Lindsey, Axel, Archer, Astoria, Aria, Anchor, Alivia and Avalon

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    Jul 2013
    DW: Ellen Morrison
    DH: James Anthony Morrison

    Theme: First names must all have at least 3 syllables

    Number of Pregnancies: 2

    DS: Augustus Graeme Morrison (6)
    DD/DD: Timothea Claire Morrison and Lilia Nightingale Morrison (1)

    Clara Luella Esther Cecilia Agnes Matilda
    Gustav Martinus Vincent Johan Wilhelm Edward

    Alvdis • Aria • Cadence • Dagny • Eilish • Eir • Ffion • Greta • Hedda • Io • Maisie • Margo • River

    Angus • Beau • Birch • Henry • Imre • Johan • Orion • Pil • Silas • Storm • Timothy • Tindre

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