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    Still haven't found "It"

    Hi again! So our other thread didn't/isn't exactly turning out how we expected, mainly due to my horrible explanation skills. I'm hoping this may help better. Here is a more organized (I hope) view of what we want.

    • vintage AND uncommon (it HAS to be both)
    • middle name will be Jeanne, a mix of our mothers Jean & Anne (said either Jean or gee-ANN depending on the first name)
    • last name beings with S
    • names not starting with J or S
    • not too dated, not too out there (no misspellings)
    • prefer names without nicknames, but not opposed to them (see examples below)

    From our last thread we sort of liked Luciana "Lucy/Lulu" and Susannah "Zuzu" but have officially thrown out Susannah because of the alliteration with our last name and we just don't love Luciana. Normally we don't like nicknames, but in the case of these two we liked the nicknames and they just happened to work out with Luciana and Susannah. If that is the case with a different name then that is fine but we don't want to focus on finding a name with a nickname. We also like picking out the nicknames on or own rather than someone telling us which nickname to use

    Please keep in mind all of those factors when giving suggestions. We don't want common or suspected names like Audrey, Clara, Elizabeth, etc. (they are nice but not what we want). I hope this gives a better idea of what we want!!

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    Lydia, Eleanor, and Emmeline are pretty but too common for us, sorry!

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    Margot, Clementine, and Cordelia were some from our other thread that are close but don't give us that "special" feeling. Genevieve has been growing on me but I don't like it with Jeanne, sorry!

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    Archer Lawrence (Archie) 2014
    Broderick Pearson (Brock) 2016
    Carol Ellen (Mommy)
    David Robert (Daddy)
    Elena Rose (Ellie) 2011
    Felicity Iris (Lissy) 2012

    Fav names: Harrison & Genevieve (Evie or Gigi)

    To live, to love, to be understood.

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