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    1st Child- need opinions

    Hello everyone,

    Im expecting my first child ( a little girl) and Im trying to finalize the name.
    I really love Rafaella , especially since my fathers name was Raffaele and he passed away a few years ago. We were also thinking Simone as a middle name ( for Simone de Beauvoir) therefore. ... Rafaella Simone.

    However...a good friend of mine recently suggested Raphaelle for a girl ( no "a"). And I kinda like it! I feel like its edgier and a little more unique. I know its used commonly in France and not North America but we live in Quebec so French names are an advantage

    Just wondering if its really too masculine?
    Ive always been a fan of boys names for girls ( Charlie, Noa, Jo )....but maybe Raphaelle is pushing it ?! What do you think?

    Rafaella or Raphaelle? nn. Rafi !

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    I have always loved the name Rafaella. I like Raphaelle on principle because I like Emmanuelle and other similar names. However, I think in the case of Rafaella/Raphaelle I prefer Rafaella. As always, though, go with what you love. Either would make a beautiful choice for a little girl.

    Good luck!

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    Totally beautiful either way! But I slightly prefer Rafaelle; it's a bit more streamlined but still sounds very feminine to me--the pronunciation is different than Rafael.

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    I prefer the elegance and charm of Rafaela over Raphaelle, personally, which feels a little stilted for a girl. Rafaela Simone is stunning! It's simply elegant, glamorous, and exquisite.
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    Raphaelle is beautiful, and it does have that edgy vibe to it. The only negative for me is that it doesn't flow as well with Simone as Rafaella, ending in A, does. But, the first name is often the most important, so if you are really "feeling" Raphaelle, I'd go with that.

    It doesn't feel too masculine because of the 'elle' syllable within the name, as well as similar, feminine names such as Emmanuelle. It also reminds me of names like Dominique or Frederique which are feminine, yet have a harder sound to them.
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