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    I do not have any children, I am not pregnant nor do I plan to be anytime soon. I'm simply curious about something I see alot throughout many of posts...the use of or desire to use nicknames. I am curious about the reasons you might choose a nickname for your child...and I am not referring to nicknames like "Bubba", "Lolly" (I knew a lady who called her daughter Lolly or Lollipop...her given name is Elizabeth) "Noodle" (yes, I knew one!) or "Pill" (my nickname from my paternal grandfather...though he was the only one who called me that)

    I am more interested in the reasons behind choosing a name like "Elizabeth" and choosing to call her "Lizzy" or Leonardo and calling him "Leo"...there are alot of names that just have a 'built-in' nickname, whether you like it or not (Michael - Mike, Christopher - Chris, Jeffrey - Jeff, Kimberly - Kim (I speak from experience on that one...I do despise that 'nickname'! LOL)

    Everyone seems to put so much thought into the perfect name for their baby (especially when there is a namesake involved) and I am simply curious why you wouldn't have your child go by his or her 'given' name.

    Please don't think I'm coming down on those who opt of a nickname for their child...I am simply asking for curiosity sake (I'm a nosy kinda gal! LOL)

    Thank you for your time!

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    I have no children and probably am a few years away... (*glances to SO* lol) but I'll give my two cents.
    My name is Stacey Jayne. Growing up I didn't like my name (being one of 3 is school) and it was always Stacey T. Stacey B. and Stacey P. our initials were very similar so when called across a room sounded the same. In another class were two Amandas. One was Amanda and the other was Mandy.

    I like the names I do because there are one or more options for nicknames. If my child doesn't like her (or his) name (s)he can go by something else. Or if there is other _____ in the same class they don't have to be Stacey T. or Adam C. most of their life.
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    I think nicknames offer flexibility. Maybe your son is more of a Zander than an Alex or Alexander or the spunky Betty suits your daughter so much better than the formal Elizabeth. Or maybe you have your daughter the girly name of Samantha but she wants to be the more tomboyish Sam. You don't know what/who your child will be when they are first born so you have to just pick a name you love and they'll grow into it. A nickname just offers more options and flexibility to suit your child's personality/personal choice.
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    I know many people on here don't like nicknames, but I LOVE them! They give a child flexibility to grow into their name and multiple personality choices within a name.
    My name is Josephine. You can imagine that would have been difficult for a toddler to say, so I was always Jo. As I got older, I tried Josie for a month or two, but decided I hated it, and I have been Jo ever since. I love having a nickname, I go by Josephine professionally and for people who don't know me, but friends and family call me Jo. It's lovely.

    And I know some people argue that toddlers get confused about what their name is if you give them a nickname, well that's just crap sorry. Kids are smart. I was never confused. I knew from a young age that my name was both Jo and Josephine and I would respond to both. I also knew from a young age that I HATED being called Joey, and would go so far to tell people not to call me that.
    Where I am from (I don't know if this is all of Australia or just my area), pretty much everyone has nicknames. All my siblings do. My husband does. My in-laws do. And it's great. It's just more friendly and approachable and less formal. I love my name Josephine, it's gorgeous, but it doesn't mean I want to be called it over dinner or playing sport.

    The names I love are all longer and all have the possibilities to have nicknames, because that's how we do it. Charlotte has Charlie and Lottie. Matilda has Mattie and Tillie. Adelaide has Ada and Adele. And so on.
    If my child decides that they don't like a nickname like I did with Joey, that's fair enough, but while they are young, I'm not going to try to force a 15 month old to say Adelaide.
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    My personal input: I have a name that doesn't have an obvious nickname, so I always went by my full first name and realized when I was older that I wished I had more options--but at that point it felt too late to try something new, rather than what people had been calling me my whole life. I have an unusual name that people haven't seen before and when meeting me for the first time sometimes have difficulty pronouncing...and when seeing it written without a 'Mrs.' with it may not know which gender the name belongs to. A nickname would have given me more options, something I could use to avoid awkward situations (mispronunciations, gender confusion, situations when they wouldn't need my full given name--ie, at a restaurant for a reservation, a simple, easy nickname would do), and something just to use in less formal situations. I'm shy by nature so the "awkward situations" part was always really annoying to me, and I constantly wished for a nickname so I could introduce myself without someone commenting on my name being unusual/unique, wondering where it came from and how to spell it.
    That being said....I feel my experience has definitely influenced my preference for full names with nickname options for my (future) children. I would not use a "nickname name" on the birth certificate--that is not my style, but I love the flexibility of using a full, more formal name, with nickname options depending how the child feels about their name and wishes to use in certain situations.
    I do have to say, there are some names that I love the full name but HATE one of the common nicknames (Elizabeth, nn Lizzy--HATE Lizzy and Liz, love the options of being able to use Eliza, Ellie, Libby, Betsy, Beth...), but I know you can't always control which nicknames are used or what others call your child...but that is a risk I guess I'm willing to take because options and flexibility in naming are really important to me.

    *Sidenote: My husband does not feel as strongly as I do about this, and his family had the opposite situation...both his parents have nicknames that they go exclusively by, which are names in their own right (ie Cynthia, nn Cindy) so there has been confusion on credit cards and other documents as to whether something is issued to Cindy T---, since that is what she does by, or Cynthia T---, since that is technically her given name. Because of this my in-laws gave my husband and his brothers names that cannot be shortened to obvious nicknames so they always go by their full/given first name and have no confusion on any of their documentation. I don't feel that this would be a problem with the names that I like (Theodore-Theo, William-Will or Liam, Anabel--Annie) but does anyone else have experience with this or feelings on name confusion when using nickname vs full name?

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