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    I feel the exact same way! I feel more attracted to names with lots of options. I have a few names I love, but can not commit to because of the lack of nicknames (or I don't like the nicknames). Example would be Felicity. I think the name is beautiful but there isn't very many options. And I dislike all of them.

    My favorite name at the moment is Eleanor. It makes me very happy that their is so many choices. I feel like my daughter could pick one she prefers when she is older. (Elle, Ellie, Ella, Nora, Elsie)

    It's funny, I also have a similar taste in boy names. I think in theory I would prefer a name with more nickname options. But I love names like Dean and Silas. These names do not have many options. And I'm okay with that. If these were girl's names, I wouldn't like them as much.

    By the way your names and nicknames are beautiful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by opheliaflora View Post
    I think family nicknames can always be different and since you would call your child by their names so often, they just start to develop, I think.
    With your examples: I totally get Petrova and Petronella as nicknames for Petra, though because they are longer than the actual name, I would think these were family nicknames to make the name cuter.
    But from the outside and not being a part of the family, I wouldn't get Polly and Pia.
    I love the nickname Polly so much I would call any "P" daughter that name! Pia I don't like, but it did occur to me as a nickname. To me, nicknames are creative, fun, inventive, and fairly without rules. I get it if others are more serious about them.

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    Great List!

    Quote Originally Posted by lemon View Post
    Abigail - Abe, Abby/Abbie/Abbey, Gail, Ailey
    Adelina - Ada, Addie, Adele, Adela, Della, Delly, Lina, Lee, Alina
    Beatrix - Bee/Bea, Bebe, Beah, Trix, Trixie, Bette
    Camilla - Cam, Cami/Cammy, Camille, Milla, Mila, Milly/Millie
    Celestia - Cece, Ciel, Celie, Celeste, Les, Lessie, Essie, Estee, Tia
    Cornelia - Coco, Cora, Cori/Corrie/Cory, Corny (?), Nell, Nellie/Nelly, Lia
    Dorothea - Dody, Dori/Dory/Dorrie, Dora, Doro, Roe, Dot, Dottie/Dotty, Thea, Didi
    Eloise - Elle, Ellie, Ella, Else, Elsie, Elsa, Lo, Lola, Lois
    Esmeralda - Essa, Essie, Esme, Mer, Mera, Meri/Merry, Alda, Ali
    Gwendolen - Gwen, Gwenda, Gwendla, Gwennie/Gwenny, Gwenna, Wendy, Wen, Win, Winnie, Dody, Dolly, Doll, Dolen, Len, Leni
    Jessamine - Jess, Jesse/Jessie, Jessa, Essa, Essie, Sam, Sami/Sammie/Sammy, Ami, Mini/Minnie, Mina, Jimi/Jimmie/Jimmy, Jem
    Lucinda - Lou, Lulu, Lula, Luce, Luca, Lucy/Lucie, Lucia, Cindy, Cinda, Indy/Indie
    Leonora - Lee, Leo, Leona, Oona, Leora, Leonie, Lea, Nori, Nora
    Marguerite - Maggie, Marge, Margie, Marge, Mari, Mae/May, Meg, Margot, Margret, Rita, Marita, Pearl, Daisy
    Melisande - Mel, Mela, Mellie/Melly/Meli, Lisa, Lise, Lissie/Lissy, Issy/Issie, Sandy, Andy/Andie, Melisa
    Penelope - Pen, Penny, Penna, Nell, Nelly/Nellie, Poppy, Peri, (Ducky!)
    Rosemary - Roe, Rose, Rosa, Rosie/Rosy, Mary, May/Mae, Romy, Rory
    Susannah - Sue, Susie/Susy, Susanne, Suze, Anna, Annie, Zanna, Sanne, Sanna, Sosie, Suki/Sukie/Sukey, Sunny
    Veronica - Vee, Vera, Very, Ron, Roni/Ronnie/Ronny, Nic, Nicky/Niki, Nica
    The Gwendolen options appeal to me in particular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lesliemarion View Post
    I love the nickname Polly so much I would call any "P" daughter that name! Pia I don't like, but it did occur to me as a nickname. To me, nicknames are creative, fun, inventive, and fairly without rules. I get it if others are more serious about them.
    I wouldn't say I'm that serious about names but for me it would be weird to give your child a name you love and then call them by a totally different, unrelated nickname. I'm definitely one for finding nicknames that aren't very intuitive my favourite nickname for Ophelia is Ellie (would also work for Felicity btw) and even all the letters of Pia are in Ophelia but that would be a nickname too unrelated to the real name to use it. Might just be me though?!

    - the favourites -
    Edmund Blythe & Flora Elisabeth

    - the guilty pleasures -
    Alice Virginia Maud & Arthur Lionel Moon

    - the undecided -
    Edgar Vivian / Arthur Vyvyan / Maud Henrietta / Elizabeth ?

    - the usual suspects -
    Rose Lavinia Charlotte - Alice Cordelia Mary - Flora Elisabeth Margot - Jane Henrietta Violet - Emma Rosalind Blythe
    Edith Matilda - Lavinia Maude - Mabel Georgiana - Margot Lavinia

    - the rest -

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    Ooh Virginia and Araminta! Forsythia (Flossie!!) and Caledonia!
    I'm in the same camp with nicknames, though I think you only really need one. One playful nickname to lighten a formal full name. I have cast off perfectly beautiful names for lack of nicks.
    You forgot Ginger for Virginia. The best of the bunch, imo.

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