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    Question Name Block!! So absolutely uninspired by everything...

    Hello all.

    So many people probably post the same thing but I just need a little help of my own. Im currently pregnant with my 2nd child and found out its our 2nd boy, our first is called Luca and I am just struggling for any names that pop at me like his did, I saw it and knew instantly it felt right!! We did have Jenson/Jensen but my little boy started nursery in December and his best friend is called Jenson so that saw to that name which me and the OH absolutely loved!! :-| I adored Roman OH doesnt like it, he likes Tristan and I dont.
    Weve got a little list but theyre names we tend to just agree on rather than love...


    Trying to avoid anything that sounds similar to Luca but that goes with it perfectly.
    Maybe the ones we have will grow on us over time? Rather than something pop out at us this time?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank You,
    One very baffled mummy here! xxx

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    My fav of your options is Jasper... Luca and Jasper is adorable!
    Luca and August
    Luca and Atticus
    Luca and Bastien
    Luca and Byron
    Luca and Corin
    Luca and Corbin
    Luca and Tobin
    Luca and Tobias
    Luca and Simon
    Luca and Stanton
    Luca and Sterling
    Luca and Everett
    Luca and Emmett
    Luca and Caelum
    Luca and Callum
    Luca and Cormac
    Luca and Dallin
    Luca and Frederick
    Luca and Graham
    Luca and Grant
    Luca and Heath
    Luca and Jonas
    Luca and Julius
    Luca and Cyrus
    Luca and Silas
    Luca and Darius
    Luca and Keane
    Luca and Keaton
    Luca and Malachy
    Luca and Malachi
    Luca and Miles
    Luca and Martin
    Luca and Maxwell
    Luca and Marcus
    Luca and Nevin
    Luca and Philip
    Luca and Neville
    Luca and Oskar
    Luca and Pierce
    Luca and Quentin
    Luca and Quincy
    Luca and Quinlan
    Luca and Roland
    Luca and Rainier
    Luca and Walter
    Luca and Winston
    Luca and Walden
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    I love the name Luca! Was a favourite character of mine on ER
    My favourite name of yours is Spencer, though I think Luca and Theo sound amazing together!

    Some suggestions:
    Walter Theodore
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    Thank you for the suggestions. I do like Emmett and Everett, may suggest them to the hubby when hes home from work!

    Cant be anything beginning with a K as our surname begins with a K and Im not fond of how it sounds together.
    Luca is Luca Philip so cant use philip and theres lots of boys in both families so alot of names are very over used or quite common for us.
    Which is why we seem to like more uncommon names and not a fan of traditional. (mainly the hubby that dislikes most traditional names but if he got his own way this child would be called Thor or Wolverine)

    Thank you I fell in love with Luca as soon as I heard it and it felt so right.
    Wish it was the same this time.
    I love Reid specially as I love the character Spencer Reid in Criminal minds.

    Why are boys names so difficult I had the perfect girls name picked!! :O
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    Sawyer or Wyatt maybe? i think you should fall in love and dont wait until it grows on you. good luck!

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