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    I think it may be a little much and I'm a big fan of unusual/unique names. Perhaps you should look into names that mean forever. I'm sure there are beautiful names that mean forever, without being quite so literal. Remember,even if it's just a mn your baby has to live with it.

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    I think you can use whatever you like in the middle (within reason).

    The trouble with Forever is it automatically makes a name sounds like a sentence - Elizabeth Forever. It's what a romantic young boy might scribble in his notebook when he can't get pretty Elizabeth out of his head...

    Or at least that's what it sounds like to me!

    Also avoid Forever if you have a last name that is an adjective! e.g. Elizabeth Forever Green.
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    I agree with freddiethepink, I think it's unusable for that reason.

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    While I think Forever is rather frivolous, Ever would be a lovely option. Same idea, but not as profoundly wordy.

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    I've been using two tests to measure the wearability of potential names for my daughter: 1. The First Lady: Does the name work when subbed in for the name of a president's wife? Mrs. Forever Roosevelt, Mrs. Forever Reagan, etc. 2. The professor test: would I giggle when asking a question in class? ¨Forever, will the study guide for the next exam be posted by Friday?¨ ¨Excuse me, Forever, could you repeat that last date?¨ etc.

    I want to avoid giving my daughter a name that might sound cute now, but not so much when she is being called back by the nurse for her gynecologist appointment: ¨Forever for Dr. Stroud!¨ It's up to you to decide if Forever passes the test for you. Good luck!

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