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    Lightbulb Pairings and perceptions of my whittled list.

    You've been so helpful, Berries -- thank you. Thus far, I've whittled a seemingly unwhittleable list from 35 to 23.

    Original list with deletions: Alberta, Amaryllis, Araminta, [Arrietty], [Bedelia], Blythe, Clover, Cordelia, Cressida, [Elowen], [Emeraud], Esmeralda, [Ermina], [Fern], Forsythia, [Francine], Geraldine, Guinevere, [Hazel], Josephine, Juniper, Lavinia, [Maeve], [Mariposa], Maude, Millicent, Minerva, Myrtle, [Olive], Parthenia, Ravenna, Ruby, Verbena, [Vesper], Winifred

    You liked Alberta, Bedelia, Emeraud, Ermina, Forsythia, Geraldine, Myrtle and Parthenia least.

    I've been able to part with three of those eight while remaining true to myself.

    Here are the pairings I've come up with:

    Cordelia Geraldine, Guinevere Maude, Lavinia Blythe, Millicent Verbena, Myrtle Josephine, Ruby Amaryllis, Winifred Clover

    Any further feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated!
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    Names that stuck out to me from your list are Ravenna, Blythe, and Juniper. From your pairings I really like Lavina Blythe

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    Cordelia Geraldine- my first thought was Anne of Green Gables, these were two of Anne's favourite names! I love strong, sophisticated Cordelia and solid Geraldine has a clunky but cool, old-lady-chic vibe I like. 9.5/10

    Guinevere Maude- this feels rather dark and mysterious, like an enchantress in a medieval castle. It has a grounded feel but also a magical vibe, like a fantasy story waiting to be revealed. 8/10

    Lavinia Blythe- fun, cheerful, spunky, feminine. It makes me think of spring flowers and warm sunshine, garden parties and women in old-fashioned white lawn dresses trimmed with lace. 8/10

    Millicent Verbena- Millicent still feels really frumpy to me, sorry. Verbena has a pretty sound but it reminds me of this lemon verbena perfume that always gave me a headache. 2/10

    Myrtle Josephine- Myrtle also feels really old-lady, and Josephine doesn't make it seem any younger. Something more lighthearted like Ruby Josephine or Josephine Clover would be better. 1/10

    Ruby Amaryllis- I prefer frilly, feminissima Amaryllis to spunky, playful Ruby so I'd swap the order- Amaryllis Ruby- but both would be nice. 6.5/10

    Winifred Clover- peppy, bouncy, and cheerful but solid. I like the juxtaposition between old-fashioned-sounding Winifred and modern Clover (which fits in the word name trend, if that could be called a trend). 7/10
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    My favorites from your list are Amaryllis, Cordelia, Cressida, Guinevere, Forsythia (glad you left that one on there!), Josephine, Juniper, and Lavinia. I think Lavinia Blythe has a fantastic vibe (as well as flow and balance.) And I like Azalea's suggestion of Amaryllis Ruby.

    Other ideas:

    Cordelia Juniper
    Minerva Hazel
    Ruby Lavinia
    Esmeralda Blythe
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