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    Question Sibling for Hermione

    As my daughter is having a nap (yay!) and just for fun (and to look back in 2-3 years when I try for another), I was wondering what names would you pick for a younger sibling for Hermione. Some notes are:

    • If she had been a boy, her name would have been Caspian or Caspar. If the next one is a boy, those names might still see some use!
    • My husband's preferred alternative for her would have been Amelia and he dislikes unisex names on girls.
    • My guilty pleasure name for a future daughter would be Zelda but I have a feeling it'd be a bit much with Hermione.
    • I have a lisp so would avoid names with prominent 'th' sounds like Elizabeth, Seth, Thessaly.
    • I'd prefer a name that isn't too common to match with Hermione.
    • We have a short one-syllable surname that sounds like Loud without the 'd' sound.

    So, suggest away for boys and girls names!
    Proud mother to Hermione (born Feb 2014)! Thanks for everyone's input!

    The girls: Amelia, Aurelia, Elodie, Hermione, Minerva, Oriana, Ophelia, Persephone

    The boys: Asher, Bastian, Caspar, Caspian, Dashiell, Evander, Jasper, Oscar

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    Anastasia -The princess of Russia association matches/balances the mythological and fictional associations that Hermione has

    Gwendolyn -Another not often heard, but well-known literary name

    Castiel -another Cas- option since you like Caspar and Caspian

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    Her name must be Cecelia Willow
    Psalm 23

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