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    Easy-goin' name for Leo's brother: Gus? Finn? Pete? What else?


    I'm looking for a name for Leo's little brother, expected September! We tend to like casual, friendly names, either old man or nature-inspired in style, nothing too out there or in the top ten…Gus, Finn, and Pete make up our current short list, but as our last name is one syllable, all would have to be nicknames for a longer variant (right?).

    Names that are out because they're already taken by family members: Tom, Sam, Charlie, James, Henry, Jack, and Hank.

    Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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    August nn Gus?
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    I love Gus! Gustav, August, Augustus, Angus, and Argus will all get you to it.
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    Zeke is a current favorite of mine that I think fits with Leo. Zane and Zack also come to mind.
    Graeme / Graham goes great with Leo imo. Or maybe Glen?
    if you're looking for a nn name how about Ben, Dave, Cal, Hal, Greg, Joe, or Jed?
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