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    What do you think of my top names?

    I am not expecting, but we are hoping to start a family within the next year or two, and being the chronic planner than I am, I've already started working on names. I'd love to hear your feedback:


    Lucille Mae ("Lucy")
    Elinor Beatrix OR Beatrix Elinor (if the latter, I'd like to call her Bea.)
    Rosemary Margaret ("Rosie")
    Amelia Marianne
    Penelope Christine ("Penny")


    Roger Lewis
    Theodore Ransom
    Malcolm Kirk
    James Eustace ("Jim")
    Maxwell Frederick ("Max")

    Thanks for your suggestions!

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    Lucille Mae ("Lucy") - sounds like a Southern belle
    Elinor Beatrix OR Beatrix Elinor (if the latter, I'd like to call her Bea.) - I think I prefer Beatrix in front
    Rosemary Margaret ("Rosie") - I like both names but together they're too heavy on the "ar" sound.
    Amelia Marianne - this is a sweet pair
    Penelope Christine ("Penny") - They flow well together


    Roger Lewis - a bit dated
    Theodore Ransom - I adore Theodore but Ransom I can't like at all
    Malcolm Kirk - too many "k" sounds in this combo
    James Eustace ("Jim") - I'm glad to see Eustace getting some recognition
    Maxwell Frederick ("Max") - I like these two names
    All the best,

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    You have some lovely combos here!

    I love the following:
    Penelope Christine
    Lucille Mae
    Beatrix Elinor

    I love Rosemary, but don't particularly like it with Margaret. Do you like any of the following?
    Rosemary Evelyn
    Rosemary Elise
    Rosemary Anne
    Rosemary Claire
    Rosemary Katherine/Kate
    Rosemary Helene

    I really adore the following:
    Maxwell Frederick
    James Eustace
    Malcolm Kirk


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    Lucille Mae ("Lucy") - Personally, I would prefer Lucy Mae. I am not too fond of Lucille. It is a beautiful combo.
    Elinor Beatrix OR Beatrix Elinor - I prefer Elinor Beatrix, I also prefer Eleanor over Elinor.
    Rosemary Margaret ("Rosie") - This is sweet. Margaret Rosemary has a better flow.
    Amelia Marianne - I love Amelia.
    Penelope Christine ("Penny") - nice

    Roger Lewis - I have not heard the name Roger for such a long time, it's nice to see.
    Theodore Ransom - This is a handsome, spunky combo.
    Malcolm Kirk - okay
    James Eustace ("Jim") - okay
    Maxwell Frederick ("Max") - Very nice, would prefer Frederick Maxwell.

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    For a girl, my favorite is Amelia Marianne.

    For a boy, I like a lot of the names, just not together. How about James Theodore?

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