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    Question Struggling to match middle names to imagery of first names... HELP!

    I have strong imagery for my top 3 boys names, but I'm having trouble matching middle names to them that don't spoil that imagery, if that makes sense. So, I turn to you name gurus to help. What middles match these names and their imagery?

    Jethro - He is kind and gentle, an old soul wise beyond his years. He is solitary, but not a loner, just someone who prefers their own company and has a small close-knit group of friends. He has an overactive imagination and a creative streak, maybe someone who loves to read, paint or write poetry. He loves to be out in nature listening to the sounds, with a camera round his neck to capture the beauty, I could imagine him being an artist or photographer.

    Barnaby - He is extroverted, outgoing, mischievous and playful, but not overly boisterous. He is into sports, something tough like rugby or wrestling. He is funny, always cracking jokes, and is someone who loves to be with people, so would be popular with a large group of friends - a "jock" type, I guess, but not a jerk, he would be a good student and loyal to a fault when it comes to the ones he loves.

    Lionel - He is studious, but not nerdy, with a strong thirst for knowledge of how the world works and how to make it better. He is sensitive and caring, could imagine him being a doctor. He loves jazz music, would maybe play the piano or saxophone. He also loves to show his creative side through cooking. He is smooth and charming and people would naturally gravitate towards him, but he is not arrogant, just an all-round, dependable, likeable guy.

    What do you think? If I get good responses, I may do a similar thing for my girls names too. Thanks!

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    Jethro Emerson- to me, Emerson is gentle, kind and creative. I love how it sounds with Jethro

    Barnaby Cameron- not a good flow but Cameron is exactly what I imagined by your description.

    Lionel Atticus or Lionel Gregory- very wise and strong names. Not really a fan of the flow though but those are the names I envisioned
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    I agree withy the poster above me about Jethro Emerson. From your description, those two names match really well.

    I thought of Barnaby Leo and Lionel Alexander.
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    What vivid and colorful name descriptions. Adoring the names on your list. They're all complementary.

    Here's a pairing idea:

    Barnaby Walter

    Jethro Tobias

    Lionel Vincent
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    Thanks for the replies so far. Emerson is not really my style, but I agree that it does give off a similar feel to Jethro. I really like Lionel Vincent and Lionel Atticus too.

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