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    When I was really little, I named my favorite doll Mary Jane. Obviously, I had no idea about the drug reference. My mom's name and my middle name is Jane. I'm sure I was heavily influenced by the church to have picked up the name Mary. I just thought it was so pretty together.
    When I saw Jurassic Park at the much too young age of seven, I decided that I was going to have a girl someday and name her Ellie and a boy and name him Allen, after two of the main characters. I'm still super in love with the name Ellie - Eleanor - to this day. It has been hard seeing its popularity rise so much. Our baby due in June is a boy though, so we don't have to worry about that!

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    I remember I liked the name Waverly, which I do not like now, not even a little bit. I named things very literally. My teddy bears were: White Bear, Sleepy Bear (a bear that had pajamas), Strawberry (a pink bear), and powder bear (a bear that perpetually smelled like baby powder). I do still like "Bear" as a nickname.

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    When I was really young, I had a lot of American girl dolls so initially those were some of my favorite names (Felicity, Kirsten, Samantha, etc.). When I started playing games I liked naming the girl characters: Kaisa/Kajsa, Karina, and Kaia. I still like the names Felicity and Kaisa.

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    I never really had any boy names. I did however swear I was going to have two girls named Kelly and Sarah. I like Sarah but know way too many. Kelly is right out. In the end we had a boy anyway. We'll see what this next one is

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    I had dolls called Arabella and Niamh (now I dislike Arabella)
    I recently found a little 'secret diary' from when I was about 8 and in it were lists of names. I can't remember them all now but one of my top favourites was Tallulah-Skye. The majority of the names had ridiculous spellings, I loved adding as many letters as possible. e.g. Rebbeckhah
    Just a 20 year old weirdly obsessed with names, no babies in the near future

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