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    I used to love Yasmine and Zoe and was dreaming on changing my name to Zoe-Yasmine safe to say its not gonna happen
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    Quote Originally Posted by colfr View Post
    I actually quite liked Timmy, too! We adopted a cat when I was about 7 and we named him Timmy.
    Aww, Timmy the cat.

    I always felt Timmy was so friendly sounding and very approachable.

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    Mine were James, Samuel, Mary, Annabel, Bonnie, and Thomas... very traditional. Haha. Thomas, Bonnie, Annabel (that was the spelling) and Bri (short for Briony - my cousin's name) were my baby dolls. I also had a seal that I got while on holiday in Perth who I named Paddy which somehow transitioned into Percy? Haha. I also had a stuffed tiger from Dream World whom I named Azaria and a dog named Starlight - Azaria was after Azaria Chamberlain, scarely enough. My imaginary friend was Hilary... yep, after Hilary Duff as she was in a lot of the movies I watched when I was little. My friends at kindergarten Harrison and Emma were the names I found the most fascinating. Emma: probably because it was similar to my middle name. Samuel and Mary are my great grandparents, once I found out their names it became verbatim in my stories, songs etc. I also remember loving Ariana, Gerhard, Giselle and Zoya, all names I heard on Danielle Steel movies. :P
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    I always loved Annie, Millie, and Cassie.

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    I recently found a "journal" from when I was around 9-10 where I said I wanted to name my future daughters Angela, Theresa, and Celine (this was around the time Titanic came out and "My Heart Will Go On" was a favorite of mine lol). I have to say I don't remotely like any of those names now. I was also allowed to pick my little sister's middle name when I was 4 as a way to involve me in the process (pretty sure my mom would have overruled it if I'd picked something crazy) and I didn't have any concept of names outside of the people I knew, so I picked my mom's name, Anne. So my sister's name is Caitlin Anne, which I do find very pretty many years later.

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