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    What would you name Thatcher's twin brother?

    Hi all! I've posted on here before always looking for a girl's name, because DH and I thought we were set on Viggo for our little boy's name. However, the only girl name we both love is Thatcher and we just don't think Viggo fits well with Thatcher (although we haven't completely ruled it out because we aren't sure how much it bothers us that they don't "go together"). So, my question is what would you pair with a little girl named Thatcher?

    Here's some info that may help:
    1. Can't start with T, W, or R
    2. Can't end in -er (middle ends in -er)
    3. We like unique/uncommon names (ie. no Michael, William, etc)
    4. Names I like that DH has vetoed: Cannon, Wolfgang, Atticus
    5. We don't like unisex/feminine names for boys

    Thanks for your help!

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    Here are a few suggestions, hope they help! Hawthorne, Fox, Micah, Calhoun, Torstein, Carrow, August, Ambrose, Nico, Asher.

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    Thanks! I like Fox, but DH said no I also like Huck/Huckleberry, but I think having 2 names from Tom Sawyer would be too much. Any other suggestions?!

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