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    Your Life as a Photographer *Results*

    Sorry for taking so long to post, I have had computer problems!

    Family 1: The Mellin's
    DH: Shane Harrison Mellin (37) (alyssalorraine)
    DW: Candice Rose Mellin (36) (ayssalorraine)
    DD: Coralie Grace Mellin (6) (123names) "Cora"
    DS: Julian Patrick Mellin (4) (shanade213)
    DS: Archer Jude Mellin (1) (alyssalorriane)
    DD/DS: Elodie Madeline and Felix Oliver (julyhare)

    Family 2: The Holloway's
    DH: Arthur Beckett Holloway (47) (shanade213)
    DW: Caroline Melissa Holloway (36) (shanade213)
    DS: Calvin August Holloway (8) (alyssalorraine)
    DS: Simon Oscar Holloway (4) (123names)
    DS: Theodore Westley Holloway (3) (peacheysmiles) "Theo"
    DD: Matilda Jane (bb

    Family 3: The Orwell's
    DH: Justin Woodrow Orwell (shanade213) (38)
    DW: Lacey Victoria Orwell (alyssalorraine) (37)
    DD/DD: Ava Madalyn Orwell and Olivia Madison Orwell (9) (shanade213)
    DD: Sophie Isabel Orwell (5) (marinadancel17)
    DS: Liam Alexander Orwell (3) (bb)
    DDog: Roscoe (alyssalorraine)
    DCat: Pixie (julyhare)

    Family 4: The Rivas'
    DH: Maxwell Warren Rivas (39) (alyssalorraine)
    DW: Maya Therese Rivas (40) (shanade213)
    DS: Milo Adrian Rivas (7) (alyssalorraine)
    DD: Maisie Violet Rivas (6) (bb)
    DD: Meren Elyse Rivas (4) (peacheysmiles)
    DS: Micah Terrance (alyssalorriane)

    Family 5: The Mackey-Kydd's
    DW: Larsen Natalie Mackey-Kydd (41) (shanade213)
    DW: Julia Iris Mackey-Kydd (41) (alyssalorraine)
    DAS: Bodhi River Mackey-Kydd (10) (alyssalorraine)
    DAD: Iris Jameson Mackey-Kydd (8) (shealahtoba)
    DS/DS: North Hawthorn Mackey-Kydd and Rowan Juniper Mackey-Kydd (4) (bb)
    DAD: Magnolia Lavender Mackey-Kydd (2) (shanade213) "Maggie"
    DFosterD: Elena Mary (bb) (5)
    DFosterS: Carter Reuben (heidieliza)

    Family 6: The Du's
    DH: Jonathan Silas Du (39) (shanade213) "Jon"
    DW: Amelia Katherine Du (36) (shanade213)
    DD: Eve Annabelle Du (12) (shealahtoba)
    DD: Clara Josephine Du (7) (marinadancel17)
    DD: Ada Evangeline Du (5) (peacheysmiles)
    DS/DS: Ezra William (bb) and Miles Benjamin (julyhare)
    DDog: Hank (bb)

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