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    Favorite Names & Least Favorite

    What are your favorite names (boy and girl) and why?

    What are your least favorite names (boy and girl) and why?
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    Willow Margaret ~ Nell Marceline ~ Audra ? ~ Ivy ? ~ Rachel ?

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    Favorite girl names are probably Lucy and Emilia. I love how sweet and classic Lucy is and I think Emilia is just absolutely gorgeous and I love the nickname potential such as Mia, Mila, and Emmy.

    My favorite boy name is Morgan. I love how rugged and handsome and strong it sounds.

    Least favorite names are usually anything made up or spelled kRe8tyv. Drives me nuts! I don't like names like Jayden or Taylee or anything ridiculously trendy/made up.
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    Morgan Daniel-Nathaniel Hayes
    Nathaniel Zane-Nolan Zachary

    Anna Josephine "AJ"~Josie Lucille
    Miranda June "MJ"/"Andy"~Zoe Nadine

    Anna "AJ" & Zachary "Zack"
    Anna "AJ" & Zoe
    Grant & Audrey
    Josephine "Josie" & Nathaniel "Nate"

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    Tiziana - It appeals because it's Italian (part of my heritage), but it's not one of the Italian names that are super trendy at the moment. However, even though it's unusual, it's easy enough to pronounce and spell. I discovered it when I was about 14 and fell in love immediately.

    Celeste - I like it because of the images it evokes in my mind. I can't explain it very well.

    Elizabeth - When I was 8 or 9 I read The Naughtiest Girl in the School by Enid Blyton, where the main character was called Elizabeth. I loved (and felt identified with) that character so much I started liking the name. Later on I found other neat associations, like Elizabeth Bennet and Queen Elizabeth I, and my love of the name grew stronger.

    There are no boys' names I feel as strongly for as I do for these girls' names.

    My least favourite name is probably Nevaeh. It makes me mad that the pronunciation doesn't make any sense.

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