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Thread: Glen?

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    Glen is an honor name I may considering using some day. It is very special to me and while I think it's a nice sturdy name, I would only use it as a middle name because it's not exactly my style

    what are your opinions on Glen as a middle name?

    What first names do you like with it? I feel it doesn't fit a lot of names on my list since my top 3 are very G heavy (Morgan, Grady, Grant)

    Is there another way to honor this name without actually using the it? such as a variation or similar name?
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    I love Glen as a middle name. I also like it as a first name. It's on my list too because it honors my grandfather.

    Sullivan Glen
    Trevor Glen
    Malcolm Glen
    Lucas Glen
    Mitchell Glen
    Nathan Glen
    Davis Glen

    Variations (some may be a stretch but they work for me, especially if it's just a middle name):

    My List:
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    Glenn is my brother's middle name. It was an honour name after an uncle who had recently passed away. Not particularly my style, but it works with his name, Nathan Glenn.
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    Yes to Glen! I adore it as a middle name. As proof, my son oldest son is Daniel Glen. Granted, it's my father-in-law's middle name, and my husband asked if we could use it. I would have objected if I didn't love it. Instead, I immediately agreed. Glen is crisp, smooth, and yet strong. The hard G is manly to my ears. Even though it is just four letters, three of the letters are consonants, making it rich and substantial.

    I think that Glen goes well with most first names, except: (1) Those with the hard G sound (2) One-syllable first names, or (3) Names that are rhymey or have the same sounds like Dennis, Benjamin, and Evan.

    The middle name of Glen for my son has been a delight for me. So much so, that about 80% of the time, I call him "Daniel Glen." I also adore these combo ideas:

    Isaac Glen
    Alexander Glen
    Timothy Glen
    Patrick Glen
    Baxter Glen
    Matthew Glen
    Anthony Glen
    Samuel Glen
    Daniel Glen (can't resist including it)
    Christopher Glen
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