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    Baby #3.... Help! Husband is SO picky!

    Come July I will be delivering Baby Judson (this is our last name) #3. I have LOTS of names I like.... The Honey HATES everything. I like more unique, he has no idea what he likes. We have little boy Nixon Christopher (after Daddy Nick, and grandpa Chris), and little girl Penelope Claire (after great grandma Penny, great grandma and grandma Clarice). I like when names mean something and I can tell my kids where they got their name or why I chose the name I did. Here is my list. The middle names each have meaning to us and we will be using one of the 3.

    Which do you like most of this list? Are there any you could help me add?

    Ford Mark Judson
    Ford Marx Judson
    Ford Eric Judson

    Jones Mark Judson
    Jones Marx Judson
    Jones Eric Judson

    Knox Mark Judson
    Knox Eric Judson

    Braun Mark Judson
    Braun Marx Judson
    Braun Eric Judson

    Breck Mark Judson
    Breck Marx Judson
    Breck Eric Judson

    Decker Mark Judson
    Decker Marx Judson
    Decker Eric Judson

    Callan Mark Judson
    Callan Marx Judson
    Callan Eric Judson

    Calvin Mark Judson
    Calvin Marx Judson
    Calvin Eric Judson

    Any extras with kind of the same flair as these that I may not have thought of?? The only name my husband somewhat likes is Decker....

    Thanks in advance!!
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    My favorite on the list is Calvin. I would maybe avoid Ford unless you want the Presidential surname theme.
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    First think I thought of when I saw Ford, with Nixon, was the American Presidents, if you are from the states, I think that might be thought of from a lot of people. (Calvin is kind of on the edge with name associate too - Calvin Johnson is a very famous football player and your last name is Judson so its pretty close

    I like Knox, but I am not sure if I like it with Nixon, it is a bit of a tongue twister if you are calling them together.

    My favorites from what is listed is Callan and Decker.
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    I like Decker too. It is different and actually one I haven't heard before! If you like unique, I'd say my favorites are Decker and Callan. Although Callan does sound very similar to the more popular Calvin (which I also like, it is just less unique).

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    Are you using Marx specifically as an homage to the philosopher/economist? If so, more power to you; if not, don't use it. Much like, well, Nixon, this is a name that's extremely hard to divorce from its most famous bearer.

    From your list, the best names are Jones Eric Judson, Knox Eric Judson, and Calvin Eric Judson. I prefer Breccan to Breck and Bruin to Braun.
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