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    Mar 2014

    She is waiting to be evicted. 😳

    We are 5 days past due and are calming waiting for the chaos to begin.

    We have struggled with names for the past 7 months and will meet her before making a final decision.

    However, there are two names that are so different in every way that I cannot seem to compare them. At this point we are a split household. Maybe a public opinion will provide some insight.

    Sylviana (Sylvie) Marie

    Emma Marie

    Her brothers are Alexander (Alex) Wayne & Maxton (Max) Steven.
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    I voted for Emma Marie. Emma is a nice, short but sweet name, and Marie is perfect with it! It also flow well to me. Sylviana was a little too long and frilly for me (and also reminds me of Sylvainian Families), despite the fact that I like frilly names. Sylvie is a cute nickname but I don't think it goes too well with Marie, which is why it didn't get the vote from me. Good luck and I hope I've helped.
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    I love Emma. Emma is sweet, charming, and versatile. It works well on a child and an adult.

    I hope you do not have to wait too much longer. That last month was so stressing. My back ached round the clock.

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    I voted for Emma Marie. Easy to say. Sylvie is gorgeous, but Sylviana is a bit of a mouthful. Have you considered simply Sylvie Marie?
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    I voted for Emma Marie -- but if the choice had been Sylvie or Sylvia instead of Sylviana, I would have gone with that option instead of Emma by a landslide. I like the sharper "v" consonant with brothers' "x" names.

    When I first posted I missed the 5 days overdue part. Wishing you well! It's time for her to move OUT!
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