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    I knew a mother who used Laken as a middle for one son, and Laken as a first for her second son, A name of a lake as the third son's middle, and the State where the named lake was located as the last son's first name. Wilde could follow in that same concept.

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    Do you prefer Jack Wilder or Jack Wilde? - I like Jack Wilde. Jack Wilder (the name Wilder at all) makes me think of the name as a sentence, like Jack (is) Wilder. Or something like that.
    What are your thoughts on Beau Harding? I think this is cute. Like you said, I can see someone with this name running around as a kid and catching frogs.
    What are your thoughts about Scott? I really like the name Scott. It's classic, but not overdone.
    What are your thoughts about Keats? I don't really like the name Keats. No real reason, just don't like it much.
    What are your thoughts about Miles Everett? I like Miles Everett. I think it's sweet and romantic. But very different from all of the other choices.

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    I like jack wilder

    But love love love beau Harding!! Would use it myself except already have a beau in the family!

    Also like Beau Hardy!

    Not a bit fan of the others but they work well together.
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