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    Wilder/Wilde, Beau Harding, Scott, Keats, Miles Everett

    I love my Jack Wilder combo. It would take a lot to make me change the middle name. In my thread about vintage names Wilde was brought up (thank you fourthseason). It actually got me wondering about Jack Wilde instead of Jack Wilder.

    Fourthseason also suggested Beau Harding. The combo leaped out at me. I can picture Beau Harding being a rough and tumble kid. He loves, playing in creeks, skipping stones, stashing frogs in his pockets, and rolling in the mud. When Beau Harding becomes an adult I see him still enjoying the outdoors and getting dirty. A hardworking, adventure lover.

    The name Scott was also brought up, again by fourthseason (did I say thank you). I have loved Scott since I was a small child. I have not heard the name that much lately. I find Scott to be down to earth and very versatile. I actually considered Prescott or Scott for my son. Scott has a different tone, at least to me, than my son's names and my favorites. I do not feel it is so different that it would stick out like a sore thumb. I am always chanting that sibling names do not need to go together but than I struggle following my own advice.

    Chrisco (thank you) brought up Keats in that same thread. I found myself attracted to Keats. Keats is very charming. I picture a child/adult that has a fun, adventures side and I creative/artistic side. A bit quiet but not shy.

    Do you prefer Jack Wilder or Jack Wilde?
    What are your thoughts on Beau Harding?
    What are your thoughts about Scott?
    What are your thoughts about Keats?
    What are your thoughts about Miles Everett?

    Sorry for such a long post and so many questions.

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    Do you prefer Jack Wilder or Jack Wilde? - I like them both, but I think it depends on the flow with your surname. I think Wilder would work with a short (one-syllable) surname, whereas Wilde would work with a longer surname.
    What are your thoughts on Beau Harding? - I like it, and I like your imagery. I'm not a fan of surnames as middles though, unless they have family significance, because when paired with a surname, it sounds off. Then again, how often do we say our full names, anyway?
    What are your thoughts about Scott? - Cute, but quite common and bland.
    What are your thoughts about Keats? - I recently read a story about a little boy transitioning to a girl. He was originally called Keating, but shortened it to Keats when he became a girl, so that's the association I have. Otherwise, it's a cute name.
    What are your thoughts about Miles Everett? - I like it; I associate Miles with a jazz musician, but Everett has a more outdoorsy feel.

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    I think I prefer your original, Jack Wilder. It has such a strong, woodsy feel to me, where Jack Wilde conjures up more of a poker playing, cigar smoking tough guy in my mind.
    I also love Beau Harding, and think everything that you said about this combo fits spot on.
    I have no bad associations with Scott, but until you pair it with a middle I can't say if it feels right for your style.
    Keats is new to me, so I'd have to think about it for a while.
    I really like Miles Everett, it gives off the same vibe as Jack Wilder for me.

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    I prefer Jack Wilder, I just think it sounds better.
    I'm not a fan of Beau but Beau Harding works just fine.
    Scott is a little boring in my opinion.
    I have loved Keats ever since I saw it in a blog here but I have yet to fit it in somewhere.
    Miles Everett is lovely and would make a great brother set with Jack Wilder.
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    I love Jack Wilder, but there is something ordinary about it...maybe the two names fit together almost too well. I can't really put my finger on it. Beau Harding seems altogether more interesting, but I like Jack Wilder more deep down.

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