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    They're cousins not siblings, so I don't see it as a big deal. It would be more annoying to me if they lived close by, but as it's already been stated at least the nicknames are very different sounding.

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    If a family member or friend wanted to name their son my son's exact name, so be it. I did not get legal right to the name after I named him.

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    What comes to mind for me is, yes it is close, but it sounds like she has liked it for a long time, perhaps even longer then you may have liked Olivia? Who knows, unless its something you've discussed in depth? One thing we all know is how hard it can be to find 'the one' and hopefully she has taken into careful consideration that the name is similar to your dd, and if, even so, still has her heart on Oliver, then its probably best that she has endeavoured to warm you up to the idea. I do empathise that it may feel like she is somewhat trespassing on naming territory but ultimately you can feel proud that it is such a great name that you both love in each of its f/m variants. I'm sure your family will be delighted to use fond, adorable nn's Liv & Ollie. Best of Luck.

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    Honestly, I'm embarrassed to say I never put these names together in my head before this. They seem so different and have such a different feel and sound. And they're both such great names, far be it for me to suggest someone not use the name that "feels right" -- God knows it took us forever to find that name that felt right for us and it wasn't until our son was a couple days old, so .... I'd accept it graciously and let it go. Who knows -- she may not even use it.

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    It wouldn't bother me. I have a lot of cousins with "ase" and "son" (Grayson, Mason, Jace, etc) names in my extended family. It has never been a problem. Not even with the grandparents.

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