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    The Top Ten Strangest Baby Names

    Hello Berries, here is an article in the Daily Mail UK regarding a poll of the strangest baby names. Some of these names are just plain cruel and some are just ridiculous. I actually know of a doctor who bears the first name of Nimrod. What do you think Berries? Do you know anyone with any of these ten names? Have you heard or seen a more outrageous choice in your area?

    And the strangest baby name ever is... Zzyzx is voted number one (and its meaning is just as bizarre)

    It seems baby names keep getting stranger and stranger, culminating in what has been voted the most bizarre of all: Zzyzx.

    A survey of 1,500 people by found that 20per cent believe Zzyzx - which is apparently pronounced 'Zay-Zix' - is the oddest baby name ever.

    And despite what it may seem, Zzyzx is not just a made-up moniker; indeed, according to Social Security Administration records, five babies have been given the name in the last 15 years alone.

    The name was apparently first given to a town and road in San Bernardino County, California, because of its status as 'the last word in the English language.'

    As such, the town of Zzyzx was referred to as 'the last place on Earth'.


    1. Zzyzx: The name of a town in California and 'the last word in the English language'

    2. Nimrod: A boy's name of Hebrew origin, with the meaning 'we will rebel'. Also the 'mighty hunter' in Genesis

    3. Moo: Five couples gave their baby girls the onomatopoeic name in 2011 = CRUEL

    4. Lucifer: A boy's name that is associated with 'devil' but actually signifies 'light bearer'

    5. Zamzam: A girl's name, possibly derived from the name of a spring in Arabia

    6. Dzyre: A girl's name that comes from the word 'desire'

    7. Jealousy: In 2003, five baby girls were given this abstract name

    8. Bush: A boy's name probably derived from a family surname

    9. Kyller: An ominous sounding boy's name that ranked 13,440 most popular in 2011

    10. Mc: Names beginning with Mc and Mac have Irish and Scottish roots, meaning 'son of'

    While it may or may not be a fitting name for a place, voters unanimously agree that it makes no sense as a child's name.

    Jen, a voter from Maryland, said of the moniker: 'Zzyzx sounds like a manner in which you scratch your throat when you have a cold coming on.'

    And Carly from Texas wrote: 'The only reason I can work out using Zzyzx for your child is for pure torture or revenge.'

    Other outlandish names that made the list include Moo, Nimrod, Jealousy, Yunique and Zamzam.

    On the other end of the alphabetical spectrum from Zzyzx, a surprising number of respondents said they know of children who have been named Abcde, which is pronounced 'Ab-sid-ee'.

    Voters were just as flabbergasted at this baby name choice. 'There are rumors...that people are interested in naming their children Abcde - the first 5 letters of the English alphabet,' wrote Lise from Pennsylvania.

    'It seems utterly tacky and downmarket to me.'
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    I am amazed at Moo and Jealously! How awful.
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    I love the name Lucifer. I mean, it's associated with the devil, but it was the name of MANY saints. So I don't see how its a bad name. And the meaning isnt bad, at all.

    I have Klaas Lucifer on my top ten, so obviously I like Lucifer.
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    Wow, poor kids. I'd like to know the parents' reasoning for choosing such strange names.
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    I think Abcde should take Lucifer's place. I understand why people don't like Lucifer because of the association, but I don't think it's a bad name. I don't usually think of people being teased based on their names, but I can see poor "Bush" being teased by his friends.

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