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    Opinions please :)

    I'm finally getting somewhere with my lists, and would love some opinions on the combos I currently have.

    Celeste Isabella nn Essie
    Rosemary June nn Rosie
    Cecelia Pearl nn Celia
    Poppy Samaire
    Madeleine Thisbe nn Maisie
    Clara Simone
    Martha Isobel
    Eleanor Faye

    Easton James nn EJ
    Percy Robin
    Henry Theodore
    Felix Orion
    Emrys Nathaniel
    Caleb Sebastian
    Oscar Leonard
    Hugo Jack
    Frederick Silas nn Freddie

    Thank you
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    Celeste Isabella nn Essie - very pretty and feminine, but I don't like or understand the nn Essie
    Rosemary June nn Rosie - beautiful but slightly bland
    Cecelia Pearl nn Celia - absolutely gorgeous
    Poppy Samaire - nice, but I prefer Poppy as a nn
    Madeleine Thisbe nn Maisie - pretty, but I hate the inevitable nn Maddie
    Clara Simone - beautiful!
    Martha Isobel - pretty, but NMS
    Eleanor Faye - gorgeous

    Easton James nn EJ - Easton is a bit trendy for me sorry
    Percy Robin - love it!
    Henry Theodore - so handsome
    Felix Orion - probably my favourite of all of them. Spunky and unusual!
    Emrys Nathaniel - Emrys is NMS but I like it with Nathaniel
    Caleb Sebastian - prefer Sebastian Caleb
    Oscar Leonard - really love this!
    Hugo Jack - short and sweet. Hugo is one of my all-time favourites.
    Frederick Silas nn Freddie - I really adore Frederick, but Silas is NMS

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    Celeste Isabella nn Essie- Celeste, not a big fan myself but it's unique & makes me think of stars which is nice. Isabella is classic & Italian, though it has a lot of syllables & together it's a bit of a mouth full.
    Rosemary June nn Rosie- Rosemary is pretty & unique & I love the nature association, but there's The Exorcist association also, though I think it's downplayed now bc it's been so long since that movie came out. Rosie is a great nn, & Rose would be too. June is a cute middle.
    Cecelia Pearl nn Celia- Cecelia is pretty & Celia is great nn. Pearl is old fashioned, but nice. A unique combination.
    Poppy Samaire- Poppy is adorable, but I'd be afraid of her getting picked on. Samaire, pronounced like "sam-mare"? or maybe "sam-mare-ay"? Unusual, but interesting.
    Madeleine Thisbe nn Maisie- Madeleine, my first instinct was to read it as "Mad-del-line", but the spelling made me think it might be "Mad-del-leen"? I'm not sure. I like the 1st pronunciation better & it's also likely that the most people would pronounce it that way. It makes me think of the stories about the little French girl. Thisbe, pronounced "Thiz-bee"? Unusual. Maisie an unusual nn, it's more likely people would call her "Maddie", but I suppose you could influence that.
    Clara Simone- Clara is simple & sweet, I love it. Simone, I'm less of a fan of, but the 2 names go together well, since they're both obviously of French origin.
    Martha Isobel- Martha is old fashioned which is cool, but it might sound a bit too old fashioned or old woman-ish. I like the unique spelling of Isobel, bc it's unique but also easy to read & pronounce.
    Eleanor Faye- Eleanor is another old fashioned one, but I like it a lot better. Ellie would be a cute nn, or even Nori. Faye is alright. It's unique though.

    Easton James nn EJ- Easton is interesting. James is classic. EJ as a nn is a creative idea, though people may assume that the J is indicative of "Jr" & not his middle initial. A nn that might arise is East.
    Percy Robin- Percy is cool, makes me think of the Percy Jackson series & Percy from Harry Potter. Robin is nice as well, though I typically think of it as female. Makes me think of Batman & Robin though. The pop culture associations could be pretty cool for him, since they're all positive.
    Henry Theodore- I personally have a huge unexplainable love for the name Henry. lol So I'm biased for that one. It's a classic & strong boy's name, that's less popular these days which makes it unique. Theodore shares the same characteristics. It's a sweet name, & makes me think of the cute little chipmunk.
    Felix Orion- Felix is cool & unique. It sounds a little mischievous too. Orion, like the constellation. A warrior-like name. I like it.
    Emrys Nathaniel- Emrys, not sure about the pronunciation. "Em-reese"? Tongue-tying. Nathaniel is classic, though a little long.
    Caleb Sebastian- Caleb is okay, maybe "Cabe" for a nn. Sebastian is really neat.
    Oscar Leonard- Oscar sounds strong, but it also kinda makes me think of Oscar Myer wieners. Leonard is a little nerdy sounding, not that that's a bad thing. lol Probably biased bc of Leonard from The Big Bang Theory. A nice mn though.
    Hugo Jack- Hugo is cool, makes me think of Hugo "Hurley" Reyes from Lost... which subsequently makes me associate the mn with Jack Shepherd from the same show. lol Both characters were great people though, so it's a nice association. The only down side is the fact that Hugo is one letter away from "huge".
    Frederick Silas nn Freddie- Love that spelling of Frederick. "Rick" could be a creative nn as well. Silas is unique & cool. A nice combination as well.
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    *General warning: I wouldn't pick a name solely for the nickname. Be sure you'd love people saying "Celeste" just as much as you love "Essie" - because that might be what your child decides to go by. And they might decide to be "Mary" instead of "Rosie" for "Rosemary." I'm not saying throw these names out, but if you've got better options where you don't have to appoint a nn (I'm looking at Clara, Martha...), then go with that.*

    I've bolded the ones I particularly like.

    Celeste Isabella nn Essie - Flows very nicely, however I've never liked Celeste. Reminds me of the frozen pizza (that's probably only applicable if you live in the US)
    Rosemary June nn Rosie - Very nice! Though it is two nouns, if that bothers you.
    Cecelia Pearl nn Celia - Your taste in flow is exquisite The only problem is spelling Cecelia (Cecilia?). I might just go for Celia, since it's a stand alone anyway. Celia Pearl still sounds lovely.
    Poppy Samaire - Two awkward names in the same combo (Poppy reminds me of drugs and I've never even heard of Samaire). Perhaps Clara Samaire or Poppy Madeleine?
    Madeleine Thisbe nn Maisie - This doesn't flow as well as some of the others. I see that you're trying to avoid "Maddy." See note above.
    Clara Simone - Lovely! The right blend of classic, unique, and exotic.
    Martha Isobel - Very nice flow, but I've always hated Martha (personal experience)
    Eleanor Faye - Again, very nice flow. I love the balance of the traditional Eleanor with the more whimsical Faye. Just be sure that you're okay with Ellie/Ella, as she will most probably be called that by that one person in her life at some point.

    Easton James nn EJ - Eh. Flow's not as beautiful. And see above with nn.
    Percy Robin - Two rather feminine names in one...perhaps Percy Felix or Oscar Robin?
    Henry Theodore - Classic, solid, and traditional, but lacking in the "wow" factor. (which is fine if you're not going for "wow"
    Felix Orion - There's that flow that the girls had! It's unique, masculine, and yet not weird.
    Emrys Nathaniel - With all the little Emilys out there, I'd be hesitant for Emrys. Emmett, yes. Emrys? Too close.
    Caleb Sebastian - very nice, though a little "b" heavy - not because both names have a B (though they do), but they both rely heavily on their B and it sticks out (at least to me). Perhaps Henry Sebastian?
    Oscar Leonard - A grouch (sesame street) and an old man (that one's personal experience)
    Hugo Jack - Has nice power for such a short little combo. Still, I might recommend a longer middle, like Hugo Frederick.
    Frederick Silas nn Freddie - A great blend of the traditional and the unique. Plus, who doesn't love a little Freddie? (Who will grow out of this nn)

    Hope that helped!
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    Celeste Isabella nn Essie-I'm not a fan of Celeste and Isabella is overused but Essie is a cute nn.
    Rosemary June nn Rosie-Rosemary is lovely and June is a nice choice as a middle. I like the full name Rosemary as opposed to Rosie.
    Cecelia Pearl nn Celia-Pretty mix and I like Celia as a contraction
    Poppy Samaire-Poppy is fine for a nn but she should have something more substantial like Pauline or Paula to fall back on if Poppy doesn't fit her personality. Samaire is unique.
    Madeleine Thisbe nn Maisie-I love Maisie but there are little Madeleine's everywhere. Don't care for Thisbe.
    Clara Simone-Clara Simone is an interesting mix. Clara a salt of the earth name while Simone is more sophisticated. I like it.
    Martha Isobel-My favorite of your choices. Love Martha, it's has a warm mahogany wood sort of feeling. I like this spelling of Isobel and even though it's overused in the middle it works well with Martha.
    Eleanor Faye-Another appealing combo. Has a very nice flow.

    Easton James nn EJ-I'm neutral to Easton but do like James. Hate EJ.
    Percy Robin-Not my taste.
    Henry Theodore-Henry is a fine upstanding name but there are little Henrys and Hanks everywhere.
    Felix Orion-I don't care for Orion but Felix is a great name. My favorite of your boys choices.
    Emrys Nathaniel-Emrys will lead to pronounciation problems but Nathaniel is a terrific name.
    Caleb Sebastian-I like this combo best although I like Felix better. Caleb has become very common lately.
    Oscar Leonard-Oscar is fun and kicky. Leonard is fusty and the two don't really blend well.
    Hugo Jack-Hugo is an intriguing choice. I prefer Hugh but still a cool choice. Jack is a nn to me not a full given name.
    Frederick Silas nn Freddie-I like the combination and the nn Freddie but I'm not a big fan of Frederick.

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