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    Is Ada far too close to Adam


    My fiancee and I both just LOVE the name Ada. However, my fiancee's name is Adam, and we would probably use Mae for the middle name (which is the start of my own name). So, our hypothetical daughter would be
    - Ada Mae.....

    is this too close to Adam, and does it sound like we have named her after ourselves??? With a part of his name and a part of mine....does it seem conceited? Every time I read it, I feel like I have spelt my fiancee's name wrong!

    Would love some opinions from a third party!
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    I don't think Ada is too close to Adam since Adam is a-dum/add-um and Ada is ay-duh.

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    In look, yes but in sound no. I say go for it. Ada Mae is vintage, sweet, and pretty. The combo would connect all three of you but not in a bold, in your face way.

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    Ada Mae is a sweet name. It’s a really lovely combo!
    Yes, it looks and sounds like a smoosh of Adam and Mae to me but really that’s something I’d worry about too much - unless you think you will be calling her by fn & mn on a very regular basis. (I’d produce Ada Ah-duh and Adam Ah-dum)

    If you are worried about the smoosh sound you could always consider a longer version for one of the names: Adeline Mae nn Ada or Ada Mavis. You could aways stick in another great mn so it’s something like Ada Felicity Mae or whatever else strikes your fancy.

    My biggest concern with Ada Mae would be this:
    What do you name a second child when your first sound/looks like it was named after BOTH of you? Would you like a combo of both of your mn’s? Can you combine grandparents names for a combo you really like? Is it weird if the second time around you choose names that have no relation to your family at all?
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    Of course it's very close but that could be a cute tie between father and daughter. Plenty of people would view that as a bonus. Just depends on whether you can embrace it or if you'll feel self-conscious about it. Ada Mae is very short though, I love the suggestion of Adeline Mae nn Ada (or Addie).
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