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    Baby boy name to go with Poet, Lyon and Hoppy

    Hi all!

    We are expecting baby # 4 and they've told us it's a boy. I think I've got his name figured out but would love to get some feedback. We like different names...our kids names are:

    Poet Elizabeth Paz (4 y.o. Twin girl) "Poet". I fell in love with the name Poet!!
    Robert Lyon Ocean (4 y.o. Twin boy) "Lyon", a long standing family name.
    Thomas Hopalong Luck (2 y.o. Boy) "Hoppy", named for my beloved late fathers nn, "Hop" after his childhood hero, Hopalong Cassidy.

    And for this little one we (I) am thinking...

    Atlas Wilde....but I need a third name to go with it. I like to sprinkle in some family /more traditional names in there, hence the Elizabeth, Robert and Thomas....and hubby is Mark, so maybe Mark Atlas Wilde....and go by Atlas?

    Any thoughts?? You get my style.

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    Mark Atlas Wilde would go perfect with your other kids! Go for it!
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    Mark Atlas Wilde is fantastic but if you want suggestions maybe:
    Theophilus nn Theo or Phil
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    I think Mark would be a great addition you could also consider a variant of Mark such as:
    Marcus, Marcel, Marco, etc

    I personally like Atlas as a fn. I think it would go nicely with Poet and her brothers. Esp if you are planning on calling him Atlas. (I know your other boys have nn’s derived/that are their mn and with Hopalong I think that was a fabulous choice, but i don’t think it’s necessary with something like Atlas).

    I like Atlas Marcel Wilde or Atlas Wilde Marcus/Marcellus. (though the second combos are a bit s heavy).
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    I actually love Mark Atlas Wilde. Wouldn't change a thing!

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