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    Question thoughts on Omnia Linda - "everything is beautiful"

    Hi, all,

    For years I have liked the Latin word Omnia, meaning "all things," for a girl name. I like names that start with O, I like that it begins with the sound "OM," and I think Omni and Nia are great nickname possibilities. (I also recently learned that Omnia is an girl name in Arabic that means "grace.") My husband and I have "Omnia Vincit Amor, et Nos Cedamus Amori" engraved on the inside of our wedding bands - it is a Latin phrase that means Love Conquers All, Let Us Too Give In To Love." Both my mother and my mother-in-law are named Linda, so Linda is a natural middle name choice, and it just so happens to mean "beautiful." So I really like the combined meaning of "everything is beautiful."

    Despite all of this, I am suddenly getting a bit of cold feet about naming my baby Omnia, because it is so unusual and not traditionally a name. We are keeping name choices strictly confidential, but I need feedback so I'm posting here!


    Thank you!

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    I think Omnia sounds beautiful as a word, however, I'm not too fond of it as a name.

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    I think it's a lovely idea, but I'm not a fan of Omnia as a name

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    Since the names have sentimental and family significance for you, I would use both of them as middle names and choose a more classic name in the first spot. Omnia would be a bold choice for a first name. If this is your first child, Omnia would be a difficult act to follow with future children. Do you have any more unusual names you love for any siblings you may have later? Sometimes parents choose a really rare name and then have trouble coming up with boys and girls names to match the exotic choice of the firstborn child. In the real world, "everything is really NOT beautiful, is it?" There's a lot of ugliness out there that we don't like to talk about (wars, poverty, greed etc...). What other names are you considering for your daughter?
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    All the best,

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    - I am going to go out on a limb here and say that your love story is beautiful. I understand the vibe that you are going for and I see the significant reminder to find the beauty in the world while among the chaos, not to mention a nod toward the love shared/expressed between the parents.

    The name Omnia is a uncommon and a rare name, but with parents who have such strong ties to the meaning and are deeper thinkers and sentimentalist, I think you would be able to help her navigate those waters of "possible" potential comments whether they are negative or positive. I don't see it connecting to anything negative, or could be pronounced negatively. If Omnia ALREADY is a name in Arabic, then it exists as a name and Linda a more familiar name and will ground Ominia. If the name has that strong of meaning to you, then I would say go for it.

    It is natural to get cold feet, and my mother did with her children and she chose unusual and older fashioned names. My mother chose her names for deep personal reason much like what Omnia represent to you. I hold dear to my name as do my borther and sister because our mother put love into to our names. Many family member spoke their mind, but once all of the siblings were born, No one could imagine our names anything else.

    I apologize for writing a novel, I hope I was able to help. :-)
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