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    Boy Name Honoring Family

    It's tradition in my family to use family names/first letters to honor those who have gone before. I really want to honor my Aunt Ann Judith, who passed in 2012.

    But, I'm having a boy!

    So--if I go with first letter, the list is:

    Avner (which I love and is my #1, but the husband doesn't want the nickname "Avi")
    Azra (too feminine?)

    And then there's Akiva. I like Akiva. BUT, my daughter's name is Ziva.

    Ziva and Akiva--is it too...something?

    If I go with meaning, then it comes down to one:

    Johan--like Ann, also suggests "grace," but isn't John!

    Then, I go off a bit:

    Gideon--too popular?
    Boaz--too obscure?
    Mordechai--too easy to mispronounce?
    Isidore--great-great-grandfather--lukewarm on name/meaning, no attachment to namesake, but love the nickname Izzy (which isn't enough)

    Fortunately, we still have a few months, but please HELP!

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    I love Avner and Abel. Are you Jewish? Gideon definitely isn't popular around these parts, but I can imagine that it might be disproportionately popular in Jewish communities.

    Ziva and Avner, Ziva and Abel... Ziva and Boaz are extremely cool together. I think the Mordecai spelling is more straightforward. Most people are familiar with Malachi, so I don't think it'd be too hard to grasp.

    Do you like Absalom?

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    What about Jude, or Judah to tie-in Judith?

    I love names that honor people, I do the same thing

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    Why don't you just use the initials A J.

    I would steer clear of Akiva if you have a Ziva.

    Anders Jacob
    Abel Jonathan
    Abram Jude
    Atlas Jude
    Alexander Jude nn Zander
    Alaric Joseph nn Ace, Aric, Alec, or Rhys
    Atticus Jordan nn Atlas, A J, Ace

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    Thanks everyone!

    I do like Absalom, but am definitely looking for a stronger sounding name, if that makes sense.

    And yes, we are Jewish, which is why I hesitate with Jude. While I do like it as a name, it carries some uncomfortable WW2 connotations that I want to avoid.

    I do love the AJ idea as well--I was thinking Avner Johan.

    Keep them coming folks! I'm so grateful to have people to discuss this with!

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