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    Do any of these family surnames work??

    Hey Berries!

    I've always toyed with the idea of using my maiden name, Warren, as a boy's first name. The only problem is that it is the same surname as my husband's high school girlfriend (who is friends with many in our inner circle, though our paths never cross) AND is already used by an adult cousin. But even if this wasn't the case, it has a similar "en" sound at the end that is identical to how our last name ends so I don't like the flow. So I looked elsewhere on my family tree and have a couple options I would like to run by my fellow name enthusiasts. For the record, we are not currently expecting but *fingers crossed* we will be soon. Anyway... here are the contenders:

    O'Connell _______ McCaslin: this is my mother's maiden name. Not going to lie, I LOVE the idea of using this as a first name. I love the Irish history behind the name, and my husband and I are very close to my mother's father (who was born in Ireland BTW). My only concern is the way it sounds/looks with our very Scottish last name. All together is it too heavy on the Celtic surnames? Does it sound too bad @$$ for a baby?

    Millar "Mills" ________ McCaslin: Millar is my maternal great-grandmother's maiden name. It is pronounced Mill-R, but I imagine would be pronounced more like "Miller." Mills (which I really like as a nickname, not sure about using as a first on its own) is my paternal great-grandmother's maiden nam. I do love how this name honors both sides of my family but... Miller is my high school boyfriend's surname. Does the -ar ending differentiate it enough? Is the alliteration overboard?

    Cliff _____ McCaslin: Clifford is my paternal grandmother's maiden name. I do not like Clifford as a first name, I can't help but think of the big red dog. I am not sold on this name as I can't picture it on a newborn, but I can picture an adorable, adventurous little boy and grown man owning this name. I also like how its ends in "ff," which would be a nod to my husband Jeff. Is there a longer version of this name that we could use as an alternative to Clifford? Or is Cliff enough? Clifton is the city in Ireland where my grandfather grew up.

    We plan on having 2-3 little ones, and I don't expect to use more than one surname as a first name. We love Wyatt Christopher (Christopher is my brother's name), and love Willa Brett (Brett is my middle name and my father's first name). If we had a second daughter, her name would be Honora (nn Noor ) Rose or Verity Eloise. We have also considered Wyatt O'Connell, but I am concerned that if we go that route and end up having a second son that I will regret not saving O'Connell for a first (even though I am worried its a little much with our last name) But then again in this case, no second boy means no O'Connell! What do my Berries think? Are these surname names too "out there" for flowing sibset? What surname, if any, do you like best? Another challenge we've hit is trying to find a middle name that flows well with surname first name, so suggestions are welcome! Thank you Berries!

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    IMHO O'Connell McCaslin is kind of patronymic overkill. Cliff is okay, but my favorite is Millar.

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    Miller/Millar McCaslin is my favorite out of the bunch. I also love Clifton "Cliff". Millar is more feminine, Miller is more masculin to me. Have you considered just Connell? Connell McCaslin is a lot less overkill.

    Miller Connell McCaslin
    Miller Connor McCaslin

    Clifton William McCaslin
    Clifton Jeffry McCaslin

    I have always liked Surnames as first names. Surnames that run in my family and my husbands are Corrie, Kain, Shadow, Town, Soule (pronounced Sole), McDaniels. I love Corrine as a middle name for a girl, and might use it with Ruby. We have played with the idea of using Shadow as a first name.

    Other surnames I love as first names are:
    Grimm (Grimson, Grimley)

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    I like O'Connell but with a Mc last name it is a bit much.

    I like Millar too and the nn Mills and it flows well.

    I am not a fan of Cliff.

    I like the last name as a first name trend especially when the name has meaning.
    Our Favorites:
    McCoy Samuel * Ruby Alice * Gentry Thomas * Cora Margaret

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    I like Warren, but it's too much with your last name. Out of your other names, Cliff is my favorite followed by Mills. What about using Brett for your son? You could also use Ward as a way to honor Warren.

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