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    thoughts on unusual flower name

    I love flower names and am thinking of using the name Astilbe (uh-stil-be) nn Tilbe (Tilby).

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    I'm a big fan of nature names, so I quite like Astilbe. But the pronunciation doesn't seem clear enough to me. Maybe consider an alternate spelling?
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    I think its cool! But the pronunciation could be an issue because I would have guessed it was "ass-til-be" which might be a big problem. You will also get a ton of strange looks because its an uncommon name & an uncommon word in general. The nickname Tilly might make it a little more usable.
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    Astilbe... hm... I'm not positive how I feel about this. I think I'd rather meet an Aster than an Astilbe, though it certainly is interesting. I could picture it on an adult and a child, though I don't know about a newborn. It seems a bit studious and serious for a baby. I'd prefer Tillie to Tilbe, which would lighten up the name quite a bit. Some other nicknames could be Ash, Stella, or Bea. There is also the issue of spelling and pronunciation issues. It's spelled about how it sounds, but there would still be major complications and a lot of explaining to do. Also, it isn't a widely accepted name, so if Tilbe as a nickname is too babyish, the full name might not be any better. I don't hate it, but I wouldn't use it. If you like it, by all means, go ahead!
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    I'm into it in a way, but I think Astilbe just isn't a visually appealing word, and therefore isn't visually appealing as a name. I'm not convinced about Tilbe, either. I like Tilly better, as someone else suggested, or just Bee or Bebe. But, again, the way the letters go together, even though I know how to pronounce astilbe, isn't appealing to me, so I'd rather something like Acacia, Amaryllis, Hyacinth, or Wisteria. Or Tansy. I've always been big on Tansy!
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