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    Finally making progess! James _____

    So after weeks of going through the same circle with my husband where I suggest a name, he says no, and the only reason he can give is "I just don't like it" (sooooo frustrating to a name-o-holic), we have finally compromised. He gets to choose the first name if our baby is a boy, and I get to choose the middle with no nay-saying from him!

    He has staunchly decided on James as a first. Though it isn't a very exciting or unique name I do love the timelessness of it. But now it is my turn to choose the middle, and I'm kinda getting lost. I want a name that is silghtly uncommon, but not necessarily unusual. I don't want a middle that just screams "biblical!" mostly because this is my opportunity to give him a really special name.

    Our last name is Ramsbacher, so it is already a lot of name going on there.

    Some of the middle names i'm currently floating around are:

    James Owen (family name)
    James Anderson (family name)
    James Gunnink (family name)
    James Iver
    James Kepler
    James Elliott
    James Bear
    James Kasen

    Opinions on these names, and any suggestions are very much appreciated!!!
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    I think a two-syllable name flows best with the one-syllable James and the three-syllable surname. Personally, I think mn's beginning with a consonant would be the most ideal choice with James. From the family names, I would choose James Owen even though the "s" in James runs into vowel mn's. I like James Elliott from the remaining names even though it shares the same issue and the mn is three-syllables. I would avoid any name ending in "r" because of your surname. Instead of Bear, I would pick something with the same meaning like James Orson.
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    I like Owen and Elliot!

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    I like James Elliot and James Owen.
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    James Espen Ramsbacher (means "God Bear")
    James Quinlan Ramsbacher
    James Breton Ramsbacher
    James Macon Ramsbacher
    James Bayard Ramsbacher
    James Axel Ramsbacher
    James Maxim Ramsbacher
    James Upton Ramsbacher
    James Merritt Ramsbacher
    James Nolan Ramsbacher

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