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    casilda Guest
    What are your thoughts on this age-old Southern tradition?
    -- I'm all for traditions! I think that family surnames usually work best as middle names though, not first names.

    Are there any maiden names in your family that you could see yourself using for a child?
    -- I used to like the idea of using my great-grandma's maiden name, Parker, as a middle name but now that it's gotten so popular as a first name, it doesn't feel as special to me.

    Personally, I'd never use my maiden name anywhere in my child's name because it just doesn't sound right as a given name. I would possibly consider it as a second middle name but it's not likely. I also don't care that women change their surname to that of their husband's. It's so ridiculous that people even care whether or not women change their surnames.

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    casilda Guest
    Oh, and I think Doss works fine as a nickname for Dawson. I wouldn't go with Dossen though, it just looks too contrived.

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    I'm also originally from the South and grew up with the tradition, but at least in my family it manifested mainly for girls to carry a maiden name as their middle name, although there are a couple boys with surname first names. Personally I couldn't do it, but mainly because the country where I now live doesn't allow it. That said, my maiden name would never work as a first name.

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    Love the tradition. If I were you, I'd just keep digging in the family tree 'til you find a jewel. Some old family names I like (some go back 10 generations before they show up)--Levicy, Boyer, Tudor, Tatum, Trudeau, Holder, Cantrell, Purviance, Lisenby, Casterline.

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    I really like Dossen instead of Dawson, which I have never really like the spelling of. I would love to have a last name that would work as a first but mine has a silent letter and would sounds silly on a boy or man. I only know a couple of family last names but they include,


    My great aunt's and uncle's on my mum's side all have family last names as middle names which I really like. It's a tradition to have a middle name that honours a family member in my family.
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