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Thread: Mn for Matilda

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    Mn for Matilda

    I'm loving Matilda at the moment and it's our top pick if our next baby is a girl. We already have an Ezra.

    I'm looking for a middle name that really stands out. Possibly something I wouldn't be brave enough to use as a first, something a little eclectic, quirky or just plain beautiful.

    Matilda is top 100 here in the UK so I want it to stand out from all the babies being named Matilda Rose etc and reclaim some of the unexpectedness and charm that attracted me to the name in the first place.

    Looking forward to seeing some nameberry magic now!

    Edited to say that I'm considering the spelling Mathilda, there's something I love about it that I can't quite put my finger on so would like opinions on spelling too please.

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    Matilda is my favourite girls name too, and I have it as Matilda Florence
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    What is your Ezra's middle name? How long is the last name? Some ideas:

    Matilda Belle
    Matilda Cree
    Matilda Faye
    Matilda Fate
    Matilda Grey
    Matilda June
    Matilda Kit
    Matilda Lux
    Matilda Lark
    Matilda Maeve
    Matilda Merle
    Matilda Nell
    Matilda Pearl
    Matilda Plum
    Matilda Roux
    Matilda Wren

    Matilda Brigitte
    Matilda Clio
    Matilda Celeste
    Matilda Frances
    Matilda Flora
    Matilda Freya
    Matilda Gwyneth
    Matilda Gypsy
    Matilda Harlow
    Matilda Heidi
    Matilda Jasper
    Matilda Jonquil
    Matilda Juno
    Matilda Lucille
    Matilda Lorna
    Matilda Lilou
    Matilda Margo
    Matilda Maybelle
    Matilda Morning
    Matilda Noelle
    Matilda Opal
    Matilda Olive
    Matilda Primrose
    Matilda Piper
    Matilda Patience
    Matilda Ruby
    Matilda Rachelle
    Matilda Rhea
    Matilda Sylvie
    Matilda Sosie
    Matilda Seren
    Matilda Vera
    Matilda Violet
    Matilda Wiley
    Matilda Zara
    Matilda Zanna

    Matilda Bellamy
    Matilda Beatrix
    Matilda Coraline
    Matilda Cerelia
    Matilda Clementine
    Matilda Cadenza
    Matilda Eloise
    Matilda Felicity
    Matilda Fiona
    Matilda Gwendolen
    Matilda Guinevere
    Matilda Georgiana
    Matilda Gloriana
    Matilda Genevieve
    Matilda Hosanna
    Matilda Henriette
    Matilda Hermione
    Matilda Jessamine
    Matilda Juliet
    Matilda Lucienne
    Matilda Lilias
    Matilda Lavender
    Matilda Mariel
    Matilda Melisande
    Matilda Marcheline
    Matilda Minuet
    Matilda Ophelie
    Matilda Penelope
    Matilda Rosanna
    Matilda Regina
    Matilda Rosemarie
    Matilda Rebecca
    Matilda Saskia
    Matilda Shoshana
    Matilda Sunniva
    Matilda Sidonie
    Matilda Sigourney
    Matilda Vivian
    Matilda Veronique
    Matilda Vespera
    Matilda Verity
    Matilda Wilhelmina
    Matilda Waverly
    Matilda Zinnia
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    Thanks so all the suggestions, about to go through them all.
    Ezra's middle is Michael, a family name, and our surname is two syllables beginning with S

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    I'm in the UK and I've never met or even heard of an Ezra and I just love it! The sibset of Ezra and Matilda would be amazing, I love both names. Matilda is my favourite girl's name and I'm always looking for a sweet, less popular middle name too. Although, I will admit that Matilda Rose used to be my favourite as it just sounds so perfect. My current favourite Matilda combo is Matilda Eden Frances, closely followed by Matilda Emmeline Frances (Frances being a family name).

    How about...
    Matilda Willow
    Matilda Eloise
    Matilda Ivy
    Matilda Iris
    Matilda Ruth
    Matilda Carys
    Matilda Alice
    Matilda Scarlet
    Matilda Violet
    Matilda Vivienne
    Matilda Olive
    Matilda Wren
    Matilda Romilly
    Matilda Frances
    Matilda Harriet
    Matilda Winter

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