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    I don't necessarily have this problem, but whenever I see the name Griffin suggested on this site, I just laugh and think, "No! That's my dog's name!" haha. I imagine it would be tough, though. I used to volunteer at a Humane Society when I was a teenager and always wished I could be one of the people who named the animals as they came in!
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    I prefer "people names" for pets. I roll by eyes when I hear of a dog BamBam, Bud or Tinkerbell. We already have our names for future dogs lined up, Luna and Hugo. Both names that I love. I see pets as part of the family, and while Mr. E is working night shifts, or 48 hour shifts, these pets will be my company and protectors.
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    I once fostered a dog that was an owner surrender and his name was Parker. When I looked at his papers I realized his former owner also have him a middle name. The dog's full name was Parker Thomas...I found that a little bizarre.
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    I think is is funny to name dogs or even cats human names. A friend named her dog Izaboo. Calls her Izzy. It's adorable. I named my cat Milo, and as a joke gave him a middle name. Milo Matthew.

    Our dogs name is Bowser, but when we got him from the shelter he was given the name Luke already. I don't know why they chose that name, but he had already grown used to it. So we called him Bowser Luke for him to get used to his new name of just Bowser. He now only comes to Bowser, and oddly enough Bubba- what our girls call him because they couldn't say Bowser. Every once and awhile I catch myself saying Bowser Luke. We said it for about two months to get him acquainted with his new name, and I guess it just stuck with me. All his papers read just Bowser. Luke is his unofficial middle name. Lol.
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