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Thread: Omar?

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    Hubby has a tradition in his family of Thomas, Tom, Thom, Omar, and Tomar. His father was Omar Tom, he is Thomas Omar, and now we are having a son.

    When the hubby first suggest Omar Thomas, I was a little put off. When I think of Omar, I think of a big black or middle eastern man (like Omar from The Wire or Omar Borkan Al Gala). We are very white and blonde! We are of Norwegian descent.

    The more I think of a little blonde baby Omar though, I'm starting to get attached to it.

    What do you think?

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    Personally I do not care for Omar but this is a family name and tradition for your family. Do you want to keep the tradition going or be the ones to end the tradition? This is a personal decision for you and your husband. If you or he is not feeling it but want to keep the tradition going, why not use Omar Thomas as two middle names.

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    I like it! Plus, Family Traditions are so great. As mentioned above, a double middle is also an option if you change your mind.
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    Actually, Omar has Norse roots in additon to Persian
    It's listed a couple of places as one of Odin's bynames, or possibly a variant of Olmar. -mar is a common ending in Old Norse name, Ingmar, Almar, Edmar and such.

    I'm not sure if that makes a difference to you, but I thought you should know ^^

    Looking around at other sites, it's listed as a newer name (first used in 1870 in Norway, so newer is relative) made up of the elements O and MAR, both commonly used in Old Norse names (almost all of these are combined of two elements, getting a lot of repetitions, Ingrid/Sigrid/Astrid, Sigmund/Sigurd/Sigrunn)
    The meaning would then be 'famous ancestor'. O is from AnuR which means ancestor (also found in Olav) and -mar means famous.
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    Omar has Arabic roots, not Persian... No Iranian would EVER name their child Omar, unless they had a screw loose. I personally prefer Thomas or Tomar. I am a person who can't separate names from their namesakes. Without getting too controversial, Omar was a bit of a barbarian. He led the conquest of Persia, which was essentially a genocide. Women were raped and sold as slaves in Arabia, and so many people were beheaded that their blood was actually used to drive millstones. Added to that, Omar had his own son beaten to death for drinking alcohol. So, I'm not an Omar fan... and all I think of when I hear the name is this Omar. Additionally, I've only known black and Arab Omars.
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