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    What nicknames would you use...

    ...for your favourite names? I know some Berries (me included) wouldn't use nicknames at all, but I'm interested in what you'd use if you had to. Even ones that aren't intuitive or immediately obvious. If I had to, I'd use these, and btw, I tend to match the spelling of the nn to the full name, hence some of the slightly weird nn spellings.

    Pandora nn Panda or Ora/Aura
    Evanthe nn Evie (Ee-vee)
    Beatrix nn Trixie
    Phaedra nn Phae
    Arabella nn Ari (never Bella, maybe Belle)
    Perenna nn Enna

    Caspian nn Cip (Pn. Kip) or Caspi (I don't like any other options)
    Phoenix nn Phin
    Ptolemy nn Lemy
    Lorenzo nn Enzo
    Nikolai nn Niko
    Evander nn Ev (pn. like beverage)

    And, just in general, what nicknames (or names you consider as nicknames) do you like? I like (though some can be stand alone names):

    Fae (Phaedra, Theophania)
    Trixie (Beatrix, Bellatrix)
    Tabby (Tabitha, I like cats :P)
    Mattie (Matilda)
    Tilda (Matilda)
    Cleo (Cleophée or Cleopatra, I prefer Clio as a stand alone name)
    Caddy (Cadmium, first heard this on an audio tape)
    Fia (Fiammetta)
    Lena (Magdalena)
    Cress (Cressida)
    Saffy (Saffron)
    Ginny (Genevieve, maybe Guinevere)

    Archie (So adorable, and I'm so in love; blame Sherlock :P)
    Eon (Gideon)
    Enzo (Lorenzo, Fiorenzo, Kenzo)
    Indie (Indigo)
    Auggie (August, but I dread to think if it's said with soft gs)
    Dae (Daedalus, Amadeus)
    Win (Edwin, Oswin)
    Leo (pn. LAY-o)
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    We plan on using Mack as a nn for McCoy. Everett is also on our list and I like the nn Rhett.

    Most my favs don't have/need nicknames.
    Our Favorites:
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    From your list, I only like…


    Nico, I prefer this spelling
    Leo, Love but NOT your pronunciation

    Right now I can't think of any nicknames I like for my favorite names. As I don't plan on using them until it comes naturally. I don't like the fact that some people MUST force the idea of a nickname on a child when he/she hasn't even been born yet especially since nicknames change ever so often for various reasons. I do LOVE Millie, but hate Millicent (it's so old and grama-y) though.
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    My problem is that I'm more used to hearing boys go by nns and girls be called terms of endearment (sweetheart, honey, etc.) I also see nicknames as a name a person goes by most of the time instead of their formal name, which I wouldn't do. I would maybe use a nn just like a pet name/term of endearment (use the given name most of the time and occasionally the nn/petname).

    Colette nn Coley or Letty
    Felicity nn Lissy

    Erik nn E (I've found that guys have no problem going by their first initial or last name and that's the only way I think I'd have a nn for Erik)
    Graham nn G or Bram (I know it's weird but I like Bram but not Abram)
    Alexander nn Aleksei/Alexei
    Gabriel nn Gabe or Gable
    Finnegan or Griffin nn Finn

    Most likely, I would just use terms of endearment instead of nicknames. I do like names and nicknames that end in an "e" sound.

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    I like the nickname Mack for Morgan Zachary. Smash Morgan and Zack together and ta dad, Mack! It may be a stretch but I'd use it as a family only nickname and have him go by Morgan at school and such.

    I like these natural nicknames: Cam for Cameron, Josie for Josephine, Lucy for Lucille, Zander for Alexander and Mia, Mila or Emmy for Emilia.

    I like Dani for Miranda. It's not as natural as Mandy, Randi, or Andi, but I think it's still usable. All the letters are there for it if you switch them around.

    Rory as a nickname for Nora is cute and spunky. It's not a natural nickname but the sound is there I think.

    Someone asked about Ian as a nickname for Killian and I really like that a lot too!
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