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    melizabeth820 Guest
    I have always wanted 5 girls.

    Brianna Faith Elizabeth is the only name I've settled on. I also like Hosanna, but I wouldn't use Brianna and Hosanna together.

    Other favorites:

    Brynn (nickname for or in lieu of Brianna)

    I'm partial to either using all one letter or all different letters. Clearly I like names of similar styles so I would have to think about this.

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    Jul 2016
    Elodie Esther “Elle”
    Ruby Pieternella
    Savannah Beatrix “Savvy”

    Hayes Nathaniel
    Maxwell James “Max”
    Noah Thomas

    Adelaide, Amelia, Anna, Bailey, Evelyn, Felicity, Hannah, Isla, Kara, Katie, Lilia, Madeleine, Naomi, Olivia, Philippa, Rebecca, Rose, Sienna, Stella, Summer

    Aaron, Benjamin, Caleb, Clayton, Dylan, Elijah, Gabriel, Harrison, Hugo, Jacob, Jared, Jesse, Logan, Mason, Matthew

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    summerskin Guest

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    Dec 2016
    Ideally I'd love four boy boy girl girl
    Ezekiel Pierce
    Micah Joseph
    Christina Ray
    Rebekah Jade

    I am definitely guilty of favouring bible and Christian related names so if I were to chose out of a non Christian name set

    Hayden Pierce
    Louis Alexander
    Alyssa Ray
    Zoey Jade

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    Sep 2016
    Three children ideally...

    Esmeralda Ruth (nn Esme)
    Sigmund Bruno (nn Iggy)
    Rosamund Magdalene (nn Rosie/ Rose)

    ... but i'm constantly changing my mind.
    Rosamund Helena
    Esmeralda Adrienne
    Iris Rose Elisabeth

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