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    Maeve or Magdalen

    trying to choose a name is sooo hard. What would you name a blonde haired, brown eyed, spitfire? Big Sister is Annslee Belle.

    Maeve Haney Quinn (Haney is family name)
    Magdalen "Maggie" Clare Quinn

    othere names in the running....

    Thanks for helping!!

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    I'm not a bit Maeve fan and I love Maggie! Magdalen is a very nice change! It's cute, but not very common. I vote Magdalen "Maggie" Claire Quinn. But You could also use Magdalen Haney very easily too.

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    I love Magdalen but I think Maeve would go better with sister Annslee. Mara is gorgeous too.

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    any other suggestions for a middle Maggie?

    We call Annslee - Annslee Belle, so itwould be cute to have another cute combo bc she will probably get called Maggie Clare or Maggie "fill in the blank "

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    My baby cousin is Maggie, and they call her Mag-Pie. I call her Magster.

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