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    Rhys or Pierce?1

    Which name do you prefer as a brother to Lucas...Rhys or Pierce? Also, we like the traditional spelling of Rhys but will it be a challenge in the US getting people to pronounce it correctly? We also love Finn (like everyone else) but I don't want him to be one of 5 Finns in school!

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    I have 3 sons, Owen, Rhys, and Finn. We live on the east coast if the US and the Rhys thing isn't a big deal. Of course some people don't know it but they easily remember once you explain it's like Reese. Obviously I like your taste in names! I love Pierce and for some reason I prefer Pierce with Lucas. Ironically, if his name was Luke I would say Rhys. I think I like the longer name and the fact it is so strong sounding. Pierce and Lucas sound so awesome together. Good luck!

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    I love both Rhys and Pierce. I slightly prefer Pierce with Lucas. I do not think the spelling of Rhys would be an issue.

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    Rhys! I don't care for Pierce.

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