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    Zaccheaus nn Zeke?

    I really like the name Zaccheas, and I love the Bible story, but I'm not crazy about the nn Zach. However I love the nn Zeke, I'm just don't like Ezekiel as much as I like Zaccheaus. Do you think Zaccheaus nn Zeke would work?
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    I think Zeke is perfectly usable for this name, and it's also a much better name than Zack. You're like me, I love the name Zachary but hate the nn Zack (sounds like sack too me). That's why I would only use Zachary in the middle spot, because I know as a first name it would always be shortened to Zack!
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    I think the long E sound in Zaccheus lends itself perfectly to the nn Zeke!

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    I think it's perfect! Love it. (Except I do automatically start singing the Bible School song...Zacchaeus was a wee little man, and a wee little man was he...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by fanciful View Post
    I think the long E sound in Zaccheus lends itself perfectly to the nn Zeke!
    I immediately thought this! Zaccheus nn Zeke totally makes sense to me!
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