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    Something a little bit shorter...

    We noticed that most of the names we liked were 3 syllables long, but I think it might be better to use another 2 syllable name next. Here are some 2 syllable names we like, do any of them pair well with our daughters names?

    We currently have Lilla (short i sound like Lily) and Vivienne.

    Aster - I don't know if I can get over the first sound
    Celia - I don't like that it ends in an a like Lilla but it is close to Cecily/Cecilia which we love
    Edith - I love this name but with our girls it feels harsh
    Florence - This is just ok to me
    Frances - same as Edith
    Iris - I feel like this fits best, I'm just not loving this name which is probably because I know an Iris
    Sybil - same as Edith and Frances

    Also we would like to avoid the same intials and ending sounds otherwise Cora and Violet would be on the list
    I realize that Celia breaks that rule but for whatever reason I think it might work, correct me if I'm wrong.
    Recommendations are welcomed.
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    Since you like Edith and Astor, how about Ardith? She feels a bit gentler than Edith does.
    Since you like Sybil how about Sylvie?
    Maybe Isis rather than Iris?
    I think Camille would fit in really well with your girls' names, same with Ruby.
    Margo/t feels simirlar to Edith, Frances, Florence, and Sybil, yet for some reason feels more natural with Lilla and Vivienne to me
    My favorite from your list is Astor, followed by Iris.
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    I like Florence, Iris, and Sybil with your girls!

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    I think Iris and Florence work best with sisters Lilla and Vivienne.
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    Florence, and Iris are beautiful.

    Other ideas:

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