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    Opinions on my name picks

    Hi everyone,

    Below is a list of boys names I am choosing between. I am having difficulty narrowing it down. Opinions and pairing suggestions would be very helpful! Also, my fiances last name is Chapman. This makes some names sound odd to me. For example Adam Chapman. Could sound like 'A dumb -man'. Maybe I am reading too much into it. Thoughts?

    Adam, Jordan,Charles, Landon,Tyler, Alton, Jacob, Russell, Nicholas, Evan, Connor, Everett, Devon, Collin, Chase, Cameron, Emmet, Maxwell, Jaden, Kellan Raymond, Jacob, Ashton, James.

    Update: Russell James and Charles are family names. These would only be used as middle names.

    Thanks for your help
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    I love Everett! Ashton is cute & i love the traditional style of James.
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    Great list! And yes, I think you might just be reading a little too much into it.

    My favourites are: Connor, Everett, Collin, Cameron, Emmet, James and Nicholas.

    Some combinations I like from your list are:
    Connor James Chapman
    Everett Alton Chapman
    Collin Nicholas Chapman
    Cameron Russell Chapman
    Emmet Charles Chapman
    James Everett Chapman
    Nicholas Jacob Chapman

    First names I'd ditch: Charles (CHarles CHapman is too alliterative), Jacob (wayyyyyyy too popular), Chase (see Charles) and Jaden (all of the Aiden, Jaden etc names feel trendy and over-done).
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    IMO, Tyler, Jacob, and Nicholas sound best with last name Chapman. When you say names with an m or n in them it twists the tongue. Also, I definitely wouldn't use Charles.... it would cause people to think Charlie Chaplain. Good Luck!
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    I would eliminate all of the names that end in "n" as they're too matchy with the surname Chapman. I don't like Adam, Charles or Chase with Chapman either. That leaves Tyler, Jacob, Russell, Nicholas, Everett, Emmet, Maxwell, Jacob and James. Ideally, a one or three-syllable first name is best with a two-syllable surname.

    James Everett Chapman or James Emmett Chapman - handsome and distinguished
    Nicholas Jacob Chapman - the nn Nico (nee-ko) would be lovely. How cool is Nico Chapman?
    All the best,

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