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    1. Abraham Chester: Abraham is too Old Testament for my taste, but I like the idea of Chester as a middle name (I wouldn't personally use it because I can't get past the Cheetos mascot)
    2. Xenos Talon: Talon is a really cool middle name. Once again I'm not overly fond of the first name.
    3. Sparrow Kenji: This is just all around cool. I'm not sure how usable Sparrow is just yet because of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies...
    4. Chandler Jody: I'm not a fan of either name separately, and together they remind me of Joey and Chandler from Friends.
    5. Hilarion Poe: Poe is a fun middle, if a bit pretentious. I don't like Hilarion. Makes me think of "hilarious" and Hilary Clinton
    6. Zebedee Moses: I like these names separately, but they're too much together.
    7. Gavin Akio: Gavin's a personal favorite. I prefer Akiro, Akira, or, if you're feeling really adventurous, Accio.
    8. Skipper Sterling: Sterling is ok, but a little boring (sterilized). Skipper is comical.
    9. Todd Samwise: Todd is so bland next to Samwise. This is an odd pairing, to me. I'm all for literary names, but I don't really like Samwise.
    10. Blake Chip: This doesn't sound like a name. Chip is ok, Blake is ok, neither are great, and they're not good together.
    11. Reuben Reece: Reuben Rhys would be better.
    12. Orion Ace: I like this, but Ace is a little hyper-masculine.
    13. Alistair Brody: Great combination.
    14. Aaron Lawrence: This is ok. It doesn't have the best sound.
    15. Ethan Fred: Fred is odd in the middle name spot. Not one of your best combos.
    16. Farley Maddox: This sounds interesting, but I don't like Farley (too tied to the comedian). Maddox is nice.
    17. Aldous Patch: This is really cool. I much prefer Aldous to Huxley and while Patch kind of makes the name sound like something you download to your operating system, it's still a good combo.
    18. Milo Lester Cyril: Milo is wonderful, Cyril is ok, Lester is awful (molester).
    19. Alexander Klaus: I like this. I think I like Klaus Alexander more.
    20. Anson Tobias: Very nice sound. I prefer Anton to Anson.
    21. Dominic Sven: Great names. Sven Dominic?
    22. Aries Nate: I don't like Nate. I think you can do better with Aries.
    23. Ryan Link: Ryan is ok. Link is fun. I like them together.
    24. Batiste Roman: I like Roman. Not sure how I feel about Batiste or the names together.
    25. Ulysses Maxwell: Keep Ulysses, ditch Maxwell. Maximus?
    26. Joshua Ernest: Great name. Joshua is a little bland and popular, but I like these together.
    27. Leander Howard: I like Leander and Howard, but maybe not together.
    28. Calix Roger: Calix is way too cool for Roger.
    29. Walter Bryce: I don't like Bryce, but this name has a nice sound.
    30. Waldo Bjorn: Comical together. I don't like Waldo. Or Bjorn, for that matter.
    31. Dean Eustace: I don't like Dean. Eustace is so fusty it's kind of cool.
    32. Linden Francis: I love Francis, but I've never liked Linden.
    33. Adrian Hansel: Adrian is nice. Hans would be better.
    34. Tristan Leif: I like this. Great combo.
    35. Lachlan Jeffrey: I don't like Jeffrey. Lachlan is ok. The combo doesn't sound good.
    36. Larkin Isaac: Isaac is one of the better common Biblical choices on your list. Larkin sounds weird. Lark is cool.
    37. Eric Chance: Eric is fine, but boring. I don't like Chance, especially in the middle spot.
    38. Nico Taylor: Nico is fun. Taylor is a bit boring. The combo isn't the best.
    39. Amias Richard: I like this!
    40. Dimitri Ned: Ned is awesome, but I think it needs to be a first name. Dimitri is cool, too, but I don't like these together.
    41. Martin Octavius: This is really cool.
    42. Lucian Emanuel: I prefer either Lucan or Lucius. I'm not a fan of Emanuel. This sounds fine together, though.
    43. Arlo Simon: This is nice.
    44. Colin Zephyr: Zephyr is fun, Colin is dull.
    45. Watson Melchior: I don't like Watson. Melchior is interesting.
    46. Carson Obadiah: Carson is dull (Also, Nevada-y). Obadiah is a fun Biblical name.
    47. Zedekiah Lou: Love this.
    48. Avery Paul: Paul Avery is that detective on the Zodiac killer case. RDJ played him in the movie. Might be an obscure reference, but I immediately thought of it.
    49. Barnabas Caine: This is one of the coolest names ever.
    50. Peyton Maurice: Maurice is fine. Peyton is not good.
    51. Zaccheus Edward: I like this.
    52. Herbert Penn: Herbert is too Hoover. Penn is nice.
    53. Callum Gilbert: Callum is ok. Gilbert isn't.
    54. Jeremiah JudeJem”: Jem is a nice nickname for Jeremiah. I'd prefer Jem on its own. Jude is ok. The combo isn't bad.
    55. Briar Lorenzo: This is interesting. I kind of like it. Lorenzo is great!
    56. Greyson Bo: I don't like Greyson. Bo is ok.
    57. Finn Cecil: Finn is one of my favorites. Cecil is ok. What about Finn Marcel?
    58. Casper OthelloCap”: Cap is a cute nickname for Casper. I love Casper. Othello is too tragic.
    59. Will Kai: Will Kai do what?
    60. Gary Fife: Gary is dull. Fife is interesting. Maybe too interesting.
    61. Leo Jack: Leo played Jack in Titanic. I like this, anyway.
    62. Andrew Fritz: Fritz makes Andrew more interesting.
    63. Miles Peregrine: Wonderful!
    64. Eli Cove: This is cool. I don't usually like Eli, but I can get behind this.
    65. Desmond Vincent: Doesn't have the best sound together, but I like this. Desmond and Vincent are pretty much in the same area of the cool spectrum.
    66. Raymond Frost: Frost is a fun middle, but I don't like it with Raymond.
    67. James Valor: Valor really enhances the cool factor for James. It's a little soldier-y, but it's not bad.
    68. Sam Timothy: This is boring.
    69. Johann Kirby: Interesting. Not my favorite on the list, but it's not the worst, either. I like both names.
    70. David MatthewDavey”: Davey is cute. David Matthew doesn't even come close to some of your other choices, though.
    71. Jason Peter: I don't like these names together or separate.
    72. Jonas Gregory: Not the most fun on your list, but it has a good sound.
    73. Gabriel Edwin: Edwin Gabriel would be better, I think.
    74. Oliver Casey: I don't like Casey. Oliver is fine.
    75. Soren Smith: Soren is really cool. Soren Oliver instead?
    76. Axel Storm: way hyper-masculine weird. No thanks. Ditch both.
    77. Wyatt Corbin: This is ok. I prefer them separately.
    78. Levi Roscoe: I don't like Levi, but Roscoe makes it better.
    79. Olaf Asher: Olaf seems really difficult to wear. Asher is boring.
    80. Severus Tomlin “Sev”: Severus is too Harry Potter, no matter how badass it sounds. Tomlin is ok.
    81. Oberon Harry: I like this a lot.
    82. Walker Felix: Walter Felix?
    83. Cameron Basil: Basil is great. One of my favorites. Cameron is ok, nothing special. Basil Cameron?
    84. Ezekiel Benedict: Benedict is wonderful. It needs to be the star. Ezekiel isn't my favorite. Benedict Zeke?
    85. Atticus Glenn: This is ok, but I'm kind of sick of Atticus. Glenn sounds nice with it, but it's boring on its own.
    86. River Aurelius: I don't like River, but this name sounds nice together. Aurelius is really cool.
    87. Augustus JohnGus”: Augustus is great, John doesn't do it justice.
    88. Joseph Bertram: Bertram is good. I don't like Joseph with it.
    89. Alessandro Lee: Lee should be boring, but I like this.
    90. Jacob Alfie: Alfie is weird in the middle. I don't like it with Jacob, either. (You can do better than Jacob).
    91. Ian Drake: I like this. Drake isn't my favorite, but it works, I think.
    92. Stephen Mikhail: Mikhail is cool. I don't like this combo.
    93. Aidan Rusty: Aidan is still too trendy. Rust would be cooler than Rusty.
    94. Azariah Phoenix: I don't think I've ever seen Azariah before. This is an interesting name, but it's a little much.
    95. Daniel Patrick: Predictable, but nice.
    96. Bartholomew Amadeus: Way too much name. I like them separately.
    97. Alan Theodore: I don't usually like Alan, but this isn't bad.
    98. Finnegan Henry: I like this. The "en" sound might be too much for the names to be used together, though.

    Barnabas Caine
    Miles Peregrine

    Alistair Brody
    Tristan Leif
    Amias Richard
    Martin Octavius
    Zedekiah Lou
    Zaccheus Edward
    Oberon Harry

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    I second Reuben Blake or Blake Reuben
    20. Anson Tobias
    23. Ryan Link
    26. Joshua Ernest
    27. Leander Howard
    35. Lachlan Jeffrey
    36. Larkin Isaac I like this combo
    37. Eric Chance
    42. Lucian Emanuel
    53. Callum Gilbert
    54. Jeremiah JudeJem
    57. Finn Cecil
    61. Leo Jack
    63. Miles Peregrine
    67. James Valor
    69. Johann Kirby
    70. David MatthewDavey
    73. Gabriel Edwin
    74. Oliver Casey
    77. Wyatt Corbin
    78. Levi Roscoe
    85. Atticus Glenn
    87. Augustus JohnGus
    89. Alessandro Lee
    90. Jacob Alfie
    91. Ian Drake
    95. Daniel Patrick
    98. Finnegan Henry Appeals
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    My Favourites (* by the very best IMO)
    20. Anson Tobias
    36. Larkin Isaac
    40. Dimitri Ned
    42. Lucian Emanuel
    43. Arlo Simon
    44. Colin Zephyr *
    55. Briar Lorenzo
    63. Miles Peregrine *
    64. Eli Cove *
    65. Desmond Vincent
    86. River Aurelius (I like both names but not the combo, the transition from River to Aurelius is a tongue-twister!)
    96. Bartholomew Amadeus (again, I like both names but this combo is just too much.)

    33. Adrian Hansel - If this were Hadrian Ansel I would be swooning and it would be my absolute favourite.

    Other than that, I often loved one name in your combos but not the other. Love Milo and Cyril, can't stand Lester, Love Alastair, hate Brody, love Cecil, dislike Finn and so on.

    I love seeing Anson on your list, he's not often brought into the light ^^ Same with Cove and to some extent Larkin.
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    I'll pick out my favourites:
    Bartholomew Amadeus- Love both names, so I don't care about the length; they have a nice flow.
    James Valor (Valour for me )- Not a huge fan of James, but Valor increases appeal.
    Alistair Brody
    Orion Ace
    Alexander Klaus
    Leander Howard
    Walter Bryce
    Tristan Leif
    Lucian Emmanuel (If you're saying Lucian with 3 syllables)

    And there are a few I would love the other way round, but that's because I love some of the middles (Phoenix, Lorenzo, Cyril, Francis, Edwin, Benedict, Storm and Theodore)
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