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Thread: The Wedding

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    The Wedding

    All names are up to you!



    Father of the Groom:
    Mother of the Groom:

    Father of the Bride:
    Mother of the Bride:

    How many siblings did the groom/bride have? (Roll for each)
    1. one
    2 or 3. two
    4 or 5. three
    6. four

    What were the siblings' genders? (Roll for each)
    Odd: male
    Even: female

    (Their ages are up to you)

    Best Man:
    Maid of Honor:

    How many additional groomsmen/bridesmaids were there?
    1. three
    2. four
    3. six
    4. seven
    5. nine
    6. eleven

    (All the siblings get to be a groomsman/bridesmaid... any of them may even be the Best Man or Maid of Honor).

    What is the groom's/bride's relationship to each groomsman/bridesmaid that's not already a sibling? (Roll for each additional groomsman/bridesmaid.)

    1. Cousin
    2. Lifelong friends
    3. High school friends
    4. College roommates
    5. College friends
    6. Work colleagues

    Ring Bearer:
    Flower Girl:

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    Groom: Peyton Richmond Houston
    Bride: Kathleen Grace "Kit" White

    Father of the Groom: William Frederick "Billy" Houston
    Mother of the Groom: Sarah Charlotte Houston

    Father of the Bride: David Michael White
    Mother of the Bride: Sylvia Elizabeth "Sylvie" White

    Best Man:
    Blake Joseph Terry [Peyton's high school friend]
    Maid of Honor: Anne Scarlett "Annie" Houston [Kit's twin]

    Jared Zachary Armstrong [Peyton's colleague]
    Seth Henry Collier [Peyton's colleague]
    Ellis Griffin Douglas [Peyton's cousin]
    Collin Forrest Goodwin [Peyton's college friend]
    Reid Maxwell Haynes [Peyton's high school friend]
    Luke Mitchell Hopkins [Peyton's high school friend]
    Dylan Riley Jordan [Peyton's college friend]
    Noel Lincoln Powell [Peyton's colleague]
    Caleb Lane Ray [Peyton's college friend]
    Ethan Lee Wagner [Peyton's high school friend]
    Gabriel Tanner "Gabe" Wallace [Peyton's childhood friend]

    Julia Marie Bishop [Kit's college roommate]
    Mary Georgia Black [Kit's colleague]
    Stella Madeleine Chambers [Kit's cousin]
    Emma Sydney Ford [Kit's sister]
    Elle Violet "Ellie" Frazier [Kit's childhood friend]
    Stella Isabelle Goodman [Kit's college roommate]
    Olivia Harper "Liv" Houston [Peyton's sister]
    Rebecca Darby "Becky" Howell [Kit's college friend]
    Molly Joy Jones [Kit's high school friend]
    Nancy Lillian "Nan" King [Kit's college roommate]
    Megan Valeria Snyder [Kit's college roommate]

    Ring Bearer:
    John Brogan Douglas
    Flower Girl: Tyler Madelyn Ford

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    Groom: James Dashiell Peyton [25]
    Bride: Maxine Mary McCormack [23]

    Father of the Groom: Anthony James Peyton [50]
    Mother of the Groom: Alice Georgina Peyton [46]

    Father of the Bride: Andrew Ronald McCormack [55]
    Mother of the Bride: Nicole Mary McCormack [62]

    Brother of the Groom: Daniel Stefan Peyton [25]
    Sister of the Groom: Kerrie Annalise Peyton [21]

    Brother1 of the Bride: Gareth Andrew McCormack [29]
    Brother2 of the Bride: Jason Lewis McCormack [26]

    Best Man: Daniel Stefan Peyton [25]
    Maid of Honour: Eleanore Margot Button-Hawon - lifelong friend [23]

    1) Alexander Deandre Peyton - cousin [24]
    2) Clark Sebastian Jackson - work colleague [26]
    3) Marshall Elijah Soome - college friend [28]
    4) Isaac Tobias Cash - college friend [25]
    5) Gareth Andrew McCormack - bride's brother [29]
    6) Jason Lewis McCormack - bride's brother [26]

    1) Kerrie Annalise Peyton - groom's sister [21]
    2) Jasmine Amaia Waqar - work colleague [31]
    3) Henrietta Louise Dove - work colleague [29]
    4) Courtney Elizabeth Chanson - cousin [22]
    5) Kimberly Natasha Frederickson - lifelong friend [22]
    6) Luna Danaerys Meister - college roommate [23]
    7) Meg Hunt - high school friend [23]

    Ring Bearer: Enzo Atticus Peyton - groom's nephew [4]
    Flower Girl: Octavia Penelope Button-Hawon - bride's friend's daughter [3]
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Groom: James Graeme Erikson - 24
    Bride: Aurelia Jane Hurst - 23

    Father of the Groom: Charles Robert Erikson, Jr. - 62
    Mother of the Groom: Alice Irene Erikson - 60

    Father of the Bride: Henry Allen Hurst - 55
    Mother of the Bride: Maria Renee Hurst - 55

    How many siblings did the groom/bride have? 3 each

    Grooms siblings:
    Arthur Robert Erikson - 30
    Esme Imogen Erikson - 27
    Casper Lane Erikson - 21

    Brides siblings:
    Brigitta Rose Hurst - 26
    Liam Alec Hurst - 22
    Fredric Camden Hurst - 18

    Best Man: Arthur Robert Erikson
    Maid of Honor: Brigitta Rose Hurst

    How many additional groomsmen/bridesmaids were there? 6 each

    What is the groom's/bride's relationship to each groomsman/bridesmaid that's not already a sibling?

    Casper Lane Erikson - brother of groom
    Liam Alec Hurst - brother of bride
    Fredric Camden Hurst - brother of bride
    Peter Thomas Rodgers - lifelong friend - 24
    Nathaniel Aiden Paxton - high school friend - 24
    Patrick Reagan Erikson - cousin of groom - 20

    Esme Imogen Erikson - sister of groom
    Amber Claire Foster - high school friend - 23
    Ginger Isla Thanos - college roommate - 24
    Cassia Iris Walker - lifelong friend - 22
    Beatrice Hazel Grey - lifelong friend - 23
    Delia Royce Staples - 23

    Ring Bearer: Elias Oliver Jones - cousin of bride - 6
    Flower Girl: Anya Yvette Mayes - cousin of groom - 5
    Blake Samantha Lucille - 11/29/16

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    Groom: Derek Alan Barreiro
    Bride: Mary Danielle Matthews

    Father of the groom: Jonathan James Barreiro
    Mother of the groom: Helen Barbara Barreiro

    Father of the bride: Kenneth Stephen Matthews
    Mother of the bride: Sabrina Rose Matthews

    Groom's siblings:
    1. Michael David Barreiro
    2. Peter William Barreiro
    3. Veronica May Barreiro

    Bride's siblings:
    1. Stacy Claire Matthews
    2. Edith Kimberly Matthews
    3. Thomas Edward Matthews

    Best man: Michael David Barreiro
    Maid of honor: Stacy Claire Matthews

    1. Peter William Barreiro
    2. Thomas Edward Matthews
    3. Stephen Jared Crawford [Derek's college roommate]

    1. Stacy Claire Matthews
    2. Edith Kimberly Matthews
    3. Veronica May Barreiro

    Ring bearer: Kevin James Shafer
    Flower girl: Shannon June Murray
    ruby marguerite . clara madeline . georgia rachel . june dorothy . hannah lillian
    daniel ryan . felix asher. evan matthew . elliot robert . tobias frederick

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